A Brief Encounter by Loneliness // Safa.f_Aamir

I was tangled long ago,

Fusing being alone with satisfaction to loneliness,

But in this phase of solitude,

I got trapped in the loop of loneliness,

And then,

it became my best companion,

And I was in an illusion to assume this as a mutual relationship,

However, I was wrong,

Loneliness was a parasite,

A parasite to which I’m addicted,

She accompanied me everywhere,

She cast a spell around my throat whenever I tried to express myself,

She chained my heart & filled with space so that I no longer feel anything,

She dug holes in my soul, through which the rays of life can pass,

She curtained my eyes with despair,

So, I no longer can visualize my blessings,

She bribed my mind & took away with peace,

She was eating me day by day,

It shaped me into a hollow shell,


I took a step against this web plotted by loneliness,

And I started cutting its thread one by one,

I try to converse even if my throat is choked,

I urge to smile & force myself to cry even though it feels unnatural,

I welcome tiny pieces of life into my soul. However, I felt pierced,

I practice the art of gratitude & conquered the peace yet it was difficult in the beginning,

I started to see good deeds within my aura, although it blurred my vision,

It was a battle in which I had to win in order to save myself.

A Brief Encounter by Loneliness // Safa.f_Aamir

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