The early 2000s were some of the best times for Pakistani Music. All ’90s born people can relate that at some point each of us has collected CDs and DVDs of our favorite Bands. We have seen so many talented singers rising, not just in our country but also across the borders.

Both underground bands and commercially successful ones would perform regularly and the live music scene was amazing. And because bands were making money from performances, they had money to invest in their music videos. There was a steady stream of music content always gracing our screens.


Music Channels like Indus TV, MTV and ATV always have content to show. Quality Music videos were created. There was a lot of competition between the bands. People were appreciating and loving our songs but then suddenly we all witnessed a downfall. All great bands with talented broke and apart from their paths. Together they were like a bomb, individually they are fire. But which has a greater impact? Of course, you know the answer.

Music has been used throughout the years as a medium for self-expression and social cohesion not just between individuals, but also between communities and nations themselves. We still have got some really talented singers and bands on the board. But the hype is gone.

Somewhere we’ve lost the excitement of catching up on them. We do have so many options to attend Music concerts but the charm is no more. We can literally count some good singer left in our industry on our fingertips.

  1. Jal-The Band
  2. Strings-Band
  3. Vital Signs-Band
  4. Junoon (Band)
  5. Kashmir- the band
  6. RoxenBand
  7. Fuzön
  8. Noori
  9. Qayaas

Here’s The List Of 9 Amazing Bands We Miss

Jal-The Band

The band of Superstars. Jal’s music primarily falls into the pop genre. They’re songs usually make heavy use of the guitar with usually over three guitars used at a time.

While their first album followed a rather pop-rock route with grungy undertones, Jal chose to work on a more experimental sound with their second album.

Jal is one of the most popular Pakistani Bands. The members include Atif Aslam and Goher Mumtaz but later Atif was replaced by Farhan Saeed and Shazi at bass guitar.


The band is among the first of contemporary Pakistani bands that fuse Urdu vocals with modern Pop.

Sadly Atif Aslam dropped out from the Band in early 200’s. Soon after the release of the first song ADAAT, composed by Gauhar and sung by Atif Aslam.

Recently in interview ‘Speak your heart by Samina Perzada‘, Atif Aslam shares his views about the split between Gauhar and Atif. He mentioned the stress between them regarding copying lyrics and not giving credits. He also mentioned about an ugly situation faced by him in a concert, the conflict between them in terms of money.

Later after the split, Farhan Saeed gave his vocals for the song. A few years later Farhan Saeed also left the band.

Now we all know that Atif Aslam is a brand himself, he is a superstar. Although Farhan Saeed also manages to get fame and recognition. JAL was everyone’s favorite but due these unfortunate events we lost a gem!


Strings is formed by four college students. Its an internationally acclaimed band. In 1988 Bilal Maqsood, Faisal Kapadia, Rafiq Wazir Ali and Kareem Bashir Bhoy formed the band. This Pakistani band is all-time favourite of many of us.

Strings is the debut album of the Pakistani pop band Strings, released in the year 1990. The album was recorded at the EMI Studios in Karachi and was produced by lead guitarist Bilal Maqsood. Singles from the album included “Pyar Se Phir”, “Yeh Hai Pyar Ka Saman” and “Jab Se Tum Ko”.

In many ways, despite managing to remain relevant over changing eras and tumultuous times, the band’s sound and it’s heart remains in it’s youthful, nostalgic origins. // Pakistani Bands

strings band

Vital Signs-Band

Vital Signs were a Pakistani pop and rock band formed in Rawalpindi in 1986 by two Peshawar University students. Includes keyboardist, Rohail Hyatt, and bassist, Shahzad Hasan, who were soon joined by guitarist, Nusrat Hussain and vocalist, Junaid Jamshed.

They released they’re self-titled debut album in 1989; which had the single hit “Dil Dil Pakistan”. Soon after they’re formation, they soon became Pakistan’s first and most commercially successful as well as critically acclaimed in list of Pakistani Bands.

The band never took itself seriously, though. Music was just a hobby. All that changed however when they were discovered by ace PTV producer and director, Shoaib Mansoor. Shoaib asked them to record a national song he had written and wanted to air (as a video) on PTV. The song, of course, was Dil, Dil Pakistan.

After the release of their fourth studio album, Hum Tum, the band concentrated on their personal projects and Vital Signs drifted apart. Junaid Jamshed went on to pursue a career as a solo singer, Shahzad Hasan concentrated on his work as a music producer and Rohail Hyatt formed a production company.

vital musical band

Junoon (Band)

Junoon was one of the biggest bands in Pakistan comprising of Ali Azmat, Salman Ahmed and Brian O’Connell. The trio delivered various hits such as Sayonee, Yaar Bina Dil, Sajna, Tara Jala amongst many others, that are still loved by people today.

Band was founded in 1990 by Salman Ahmad. Singer, songwriter, musician, author, teacher and film presenter, Ahmad is the alchemist behind Junoon’s sweeping melodies, bhangra rock rhythms and driving guitars.

Whether in Pakistan or India, the millennial kids from ’90s remember listening to Sayonee, the band’s most popular song, on radio or music channel MTV, and passionately singing along to “Chain ik pal nahi, Aur koi hal nahi”.

Although they reunited in 2018 and did multiple shows in UAE but we miss them seeing perform locally.

Junoon Music Band

Kashmir- the band

Kashmir is making the Pakistan rock music industry flourish. Formed in 2012, Kashmir became famous for there performances in pepsi battle of the bands season 2 and they emerged as the winner of that show.

There debut album “Khwaab” has all the songs they have released so far. Since there win in a battle of bands they have continued to improve. They released some great original tracks and covers and mashups of old songs, which contain nostalgic feel to them. 

The member includes Bilal Ali – vocalist, Vais Khan – guitarist, Usman Siddiqui – bass guitarist, Shane J. Anthoney – Drumer, Zair Zaki – rhythm guitarist, Ali Raza – keyboard, backing vocals.

Most loved song “KAGHAZ KA JAHAZ” belonged to Kashmir -The Band.



The most long-running band in Pakistan with the maximum number of hits across the border. The lead vocalist Mustafa Zahid considered as a lucky charm of the band.

They’ve composed and sung a number of songs for Bollywood movies also. Some of the most popular and loved songs by Mustafa zahid-Roxen are Hum jee Lengay-Murder 3, Toh Phir Ao, Zarorat, Tera Mera Rishta and Bhola dena. They all are considered as the best songs of Bollywood ever made. Surely Pakistani artists are immensely talented but sadly less appreciated.

They debuted in 2006 with studio album named Rozen-e-Deewar . Roxen is a Pakistani rock band from Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. The band has 3 members, Mustafa Zahid – Vocals, lyrics and compositions, Haider Halim – Lead guitars, backing vocals and compositions and Shahan Khan – guitar, bass.



Fuzön is a pop-rock band from Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan formed in 2001. The name was derived from fusion, as the former vocalist, Shafqat Amanat Ali describes the band as a fusion of Hindustani classical and modern soft rock music blended with the Sufi Style of singing.


Shallum Asher Xavier and Imran Momina were the founding members, who decided to put their heads together as they realised that there musical ideas and tastes were identical.

They developed several tracks together, but lacked a quality vocalist. Two chart buster hits of the band was song Sagarr and Mora Saiyan.

These songs has a classical and sufi feels which is so amazing to witness. We can still go back and listen to these songs on loop.

Later Shafqat Amanat Ali left the group for solo projects and Rameez Mukhtar has just joined Fuzon as the new vocalist in 2008 .


Hailing from Lahore, Pakistan, this band of two siblings is viewed as likewise one of the spearheading elements behind the ’21st Century Rock Music Revolution in Pakistan’.

Ali Noor is a legal counselor by calling while Ali Hamza, is an Economics Major from LUMS.

Up until now, the band has discharged three collections. They discharged Suno Ke Main Hun Jawan in 2003, Peeli Patti Aur Raja Jani Ki Gol Dunya in 2005 and Begum Gul Bakaoli Sarfarosh in November, 2015.

Noori has performed all the more than 400 shows, self-created ten music recordings and won three significant music grants.

Noori’s live exhibitions are one of there mark characteristics. They have acted in many shows both locally and furthermore visited universally.


9 Pakistani Bands We All Miss!
best pakistani bands

Qayaas is an Islamabad based musical crew that was shaped in 2008 by lead guitarist and musician, Khurram Waqar.

Umair Jaswal is the lead vocalist, Sarmad Ghafoor is the guitarist, Shaheryar Ghayas is the bassist and Salman Rafique plays drums for the band.

Their single track ‘Tanha’ turned out to be enormously well known in 2009, which was trailed by the achievement of ‘Umeed’ which before long got one of City FM 89’s most mentioned tunes.

Qayaas’ melody ‘Mera Wana’ was highlighted on Metal Asia Compilation in 2010, which made out of the best metal music from all through Asia.

In January 2011, Qayaas discharged the music video for ‘Umeed’, which was coordinated by Shandana Sarmad. Qayaas discharged there introduction studio collection Uss Paar in April 2011.

In 2010, they won the ‘Best Rock Band’ at the Rolling Stones-Jack Daniels Awards, turning into the principal band from Pakistan to win the honor. They had the pleasure of being looked over the rundown of in excess of 25 Pakistani musical gangs.

Obviously, our rundown of Best Pakistani Rock Bands is in no way, shape or form comprehensive. Privileged notices must go out to Aaroh, Mizraab, Karvan, Kavish, and Aunty Disco Project.

With its imaginative styles and inventive sounds, Pakistan is an obvious worldwide pioneer of awesome music.

What’s more, with such a large number of staggeringly gifted youthful artists in the game, Pakistans awesome music will keep on living on for a long time into the future. Which of these Pakistani Bands We All actually Miss ?

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