Bored with this quarantine? This self-isolation and social-distancing are definitely taking a toll on most of us now. Let’s just turn the tables and rename this self-isolation time, to, the self-improvement time. // Tips on Self-Improvement

When we talk about self-improvement. It sounds like a big, giant term, doesn’t it? Well, it is.Because this broad term is basically a journey—a journey of life, the journey of our self.

“There is only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that’s your own self.”

― Aldous Huxley

When we walk through the path of life, crossing each obstacle, achieving our dreams, falling over a stone, then getting back up with scraped knees and continuing on. This is us, going through the process of self-improvement.

Knowingly or obliviously, all of us have been through this. So, since we are lock downed in our homes. Why not utilize this time to become a better version of ourselves?

Without further ado, here are the best self-improvement tips for this quarantine!

9 Self-Improvement Tips to be a Better Version of Yourself

1.  Take Care of Your Health

Believe me, this is the best time for you to leave behind all the junkiness, and get back in shape. With all the fast food far from your reach, start eating healthy. Get well-acquainted with fruits and vegetables. Create a meal plan for yourself. With little activity around, you need to get good nutrients. 

Start exercising daily. It helps relieve stress and gets you more fit. These lazy hours do require some energy. At least make it a point to take 10-20 minutes out for exercise. Take good enough sleep. Quality sleep matters a lot. It gets you more focused and helps in concentration.

Although, we are isolating ourselves and it seems like there is a lot of time. But try to set a routine. Divide your activities and make a schedule. So, you won’t go out of shape.

2.  Become Your Own Friend

Sounds cliché? But, it is the most important self-improvement tip, yet the most difficult to follow. It’s easier to claim but hard to do. This self-isolation is providing you enough time to discover yourself. To become your ally. 

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When you start loving yourself, you start accepting yourself. You get close to yourself. Your wishes, your dreams, get oriented according to you. You simply become who you actually are, your best version.

We meet a lot of people in our lives who try to put us down. They don’t like our choices, and have to taunt over everything. Consider, if you start doing that to yourself, then? How will you live an amazing life?

If the world is against you, then you have to be there for you.

3.  Find a Purpose

With so much time at hand, why not indulge in a new activity? After all, this is the right time to learn a thing or two.

Learning gives us confidence and motivates us. It fuels us up and boosts our energy.

So, make a list of things you always wanted to do but didn’t have enough time for it. Pick any one of them and start working on it. 

Don’t make excuses for being locked in. This day and age have a lot to offer. A lot of free courses and tutorials are available online. Go and find them. And bring improvement in yourself.  

4.  Recreational Activities

Have fun. Get creative. Fun is necessary to stay happy. You will start enjoying life more and more. Think of ways to have fun in a limited amount of money and resources. Let your inner child out.

Playing brings innovation and sets your imagination on a wild mode. It has the power to improve your mental abilities and make you healthier. 

5.  Take Responsibility

Start taking responsibility for your actions. Take control of your life in your hands. Make decisions independently but rationally.

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We blame others too much. It means that other people’s actions and behaviors affect us. But when we start taking responsibility, we get in control of our choices. We are the cause, we can easily control the effect, the outcome.

Taking responsibility gives you new insight. Then whatever life throws at you. You get in a better position to catch it and relish the success. 

6.  Cultivate New Habits

For self-improvement, it is essential for you to understand your habits. You should know what’s good and what’s bad. Then it becomes easy for you to think and let go of one or two bad habits.

Quitting your bad habits and cultivating new healthy habits in place of them is a vital rule of self-improvement. Habits make us fall into a routine. And routine leads to boredom. So to spice things up, change your habits.

7.  Write a Mission Statement for Yourself

A mission statement is a term that defines who you are, what you want in life and how you are going to get it.

By stating a personal mission, you identify what you want to do. And the best thing about it is, that you can modify it whenever you want. This gives you room for improvement and you can know more about yourself.

8.  Let Negativity Out, Get Positivity In

Negative thoughts are bound to come in your mind. But to let them take control of your mind is in your hands. It will only create a problem when you let it do it.

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Learn to see the glass half full. This way you can adopt a positive attitude and look for positive things. It is a way to grow and expand yourself.

9.  Get Into Action

The best way to implement all the above-mentioned tips and put yourself on the path of self-improvement is to take action.

If you don’t take action, then nothing will work out. Taking actions will take you to the results.

So, start this process of self-improvement immediately. Do not wait for the right time. As such a thing doesn’t exist. You have to get up and do your thing.


Nothing happens overnight. Amazing things take time. Similarly, this journey of self-improvements requires consistent efforts.

So, start small, take baby steps but do not stop. Keep walking, set the pace. Implement these tips one by one. Do not rush, as you may become overwhelmed.

Make each day count. And one day, you will reach there.

When you will get out of this quarantine, you will be an updated, self-improved version of yourself.

// Tips on Self-Improvement

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Shahroz Ghauri
2 months ago

Motivating article, during current scenario.