“They always give me too much time for the assignments”, said no procrastinator ever!

Who is a procrastinator? Maybe you’re one, and you ended up reading this article just to avoid working on your project, or doing the dishes in the sink! // 8 WAYS TO KILL PROCRASTINATION


According to the Oxford dictionary, to procrastinate means, to delay or postpone an action. The Urdu phrase for procrastination is quite self explanatory:

آج کل کرنا/ٹال مٹول کرنا

Hence, a procrastinator is someone who wastes his time here and there and delays the task which is meant to be done in that specific time period.

Ever wondered why we procrastinate? There are possibly two main reasons:

  1. We have the feeling that we have got too much time for the completion of the task
  2. We have negative perceptions regarding the task to be done. For example the feeling of not being good at it.

According to scientific research, procrastination is linked to difficulty of stress management. People view the task negatively and inorder to avoid the distress the task holds for them, they procrastinate.

Here is an example all of us can relate to:

You have to submit your sociology assignment on friday. You’ve got two weeks to complete the research, prepare the surveys and compile the experience. Sociology is your least favourite subject. Your sociology professor scolded you in his class for being unattentive. You hate it. But the assignment has marks, it is important to do it.

Now, you think two weeks is enough to do it, but you’re not in the mood. You plan to start everyday but you fail. You’re basically procrastinating. Just two days before submission you are under extreme pressure, fighting the anxiety associated with the subject and regretting your procrastination.

What could be the possible thing that would’ve helped you achieve your goals best? Here, have a read. we’ve got eight easy and interesting ways of killing your most worrisome issue: procrastination. 


Procrastination results as a loss of focus. Focus and concentration are very important for accomplishing a certain task. This requires willpower and can definitely not happen within a day. You’ll have to practice it persistently. When given a certain task, plan when you have to do it. On the planned day, never go about here and there. // 8 WAYS TO KILL PROCRASTINATION

Instead think with the perspective of “now or never” and do that today, not tomorrow. When we delay our tasks they become a burden on us. Focus on it, remove the distractions like your mobile phone and tell your heart, “we’re in this together. We got this”. Until and unless you do not decide with all your heart, no force on earth can help you improve.


Do you know what’s holding you back more than anything from doing that task? The energy required to start it. When I was in ninth grade, my biology book had a chapter about enzymes. It said that, for any metabolic process to start in our body, our body needs an activation energy. The enzymes lower down the activation energy and help the body carry out the metabolic process at a faster rate.

Similarly, we also need an activation energy. This two minute trick is the enzyme here. Psychology says, when we start up something, we tend to be more interested in finally completing it. So when you’re procrastinating, just do one thing. Say to yourself: I’ll only do this for two minutes, and here you go! Once the activation energy is lowered, it becomes easier to do it.


What is the probable reason that you’ve been procrastinating. Here you’ve to do a little self analysis. Ask yourself,

What stops me from doing my work? Is it the fear of failure? Is It the cellphone which keeps you occupied? Is it the temptation for cleaning your closet all of a sudden?  // 8 WAYS TO KILL PROCRASTINATION

Once you identify the root cause, it’s easier to overcome. Put your cellphone aside, keep it in the cupboard, disable the apps, remove the temptations, put fixed timers, freeze the apps. Control the temptation. You will need to work a little harder but you’ll overcome it.


Put a full stop to your excuses.stop rationalizing the procrastinated actions by giving yourself pointless excuses. No, you’re in the mood. No, it’s the right time to do it. No, you’re not that hungry now. No, you can call your friend later as well.

No, the world won’t end, the sky will not fall. You gotta do what’s important. Plan it, make a checklist. What’s important is important. You are supposed to do it. Pull yourself out of the whirl of never ending, pointless excuses and do that assignment/task right now.



It’s very important to target your tasks and keep the to do list as minimum as it is necessary to .Do not add tasks which are least important for the day. Target what needs the most attention in the moment. // 8 WAYS TO KILL PROCRASTINATION

This will not only help you achieve the goal better, but will also be less exhausting. You’ll stay more focused and more motivated. One task at a time. It’s okay, you’re a human. You’re learning and you can do less tasks today. Divide your tasks so that you’re not drained off.



 You’ve got so many friends to chat about numerous things and stuff. But here’s the real deal. How many of these chatting buddies are the real buddies? Since a friend in need is a friend indeed! Jokes apart, you should do this one very effective thing to help you.

Tell a friend what tasks you have to do at what time.

Ask him to question you about the by the end of your self made deadlines. If you have not completed the task by then, you’ll have to pay for it, do a dare or somehow face a loss you don’t want to. You’ll be accountable for not doing the task on time. This will help you keep an effective check and balance. 



 Although kindness is the key for being a better person for everyone out there, it’s also the key to be a better person for yourself. Yes, be kind to yourself. Forgive yourself for the past procrastinations. Don’t overload your mind with regrets of that one sociology assignment which you submitted late but anyhow passed the semester, it’s not worth regretting now. // 8 WAYS TO KILL PROCRASTINATION

Be kind to yourself, let it go. Reward yourself with something special if you killed the procrastination and completed the task.

Eat a better meal, play an extra game, read an extra chapter and be happier and proud of yourself. Be kind and don’t burden yourself with things you can not do. Be kind and learn from your mistakes. Be kind, improve yourself, and go with the flow. 



You don’t have to be perfect in what you do. You just have to give your best, the results will take care of themselves. We often pressurize ourselves for being perfect and hence we start believing we can not do certain things perfectly.

Life is a learning process throughout, take everything you do as an opportunity to learn and you’re good to go. Stop searching for perfection. Instead focus on improvement. You can do things better if you develop a positive approach towards them.

These were some tips for helping you overcome the horrible procrastination which you’re so tired of. These might help you improve. Stay strong, stay positive. You have yourself, this is your power and that’s quite unbeatable itself. 

Try out this quiz to know your procrastination level and improve accordingly.



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2 months ago

Really a helpful one. Good.

2 months ago

This article is SO helpful! So well researched and on point. We’re all feeling very unproductive these days, the simplest of tasks feel like a burden. But love the implication of Now or Never!

2 months ago

Thoroughly enjoyed it! Good read!