Anxiety and Anxiety Disorder 

Anxiety is the natural reaction of your body to stress. It’s a feeling of fear and nervousness in response to any current or upcoming happening. These feelings are normal and necessary for survival. Anxiety is when someone faces worrying triggers. It can reach to its worst level where it is an Anxiety Disorder. The Meraki has a list of ways that can help beat anxiety, but before that, we need to the difference between anxiety and anxiety disorder.

Anxiety is a normal and often beneficial emotion that motivates you towards your work. An ordinary anxiety comes and goes but doesn’t interfere in your everyday life. However, if you observe extreme and intense anxiety that is lasting for a longer period of time, causing distress and it does interrupt your daily life then you may have an Anxiety Disorder.

A feeling of anxiety when doing something difficult or before any important life event prepares you for more tough situations further in life. The anxiety about getting hit by a car while crossing the road means that the person will spontaneously look both ways to avoid danger. This danger causes a rush of adrenaline, a stress hormone in the brain, which triggers the anxious reactions by the process “Fight-or-flight” response. A psychological reaction that occurs by the release of hormones in a terrifying situation that prepares your body to instantly take action, either to fight or to flee. 

8 Ways to Beat Anxiety

         What Anxiety looks like             

  • Increased heartbeat rate
  • Rapid breathing or shortness of breathe
  • Sweating
  • Weakness or fatigue
  • Headaches/migraines
  • Sleeping issues
  • Shaking 
  • Nausea
  • Eating problems/digestive troubles
  • Back problems
  • Vision problems

8 Ways to Fight With Your Anxiety!

People going through severe anxiety mostly feel helpless because they really don’t know how to calm themselves. If your anxiety is interfering in your regular life, so it’s important to overcome it. Here are some ways to beat anxiety.

Do something which gives you pleasure

When you are feeling anxiety, you are scared or nervous about any situation. So, at that time you need to divert your mind to something good and delightful. You should do anything that makes you happy and make you feel relaxed. Do something that you like or love to do.

8 Ways to Beat Anxiety

Your hobbies can turn out to be handy. Yes, you can work on your hobbies because you have interest it in and it will be entertaining. You should live in the moment. Stressing about tomorrow will bring nothing good to you instead it can ruin many other happenings in life.

Do what you want to do. Complementing someone, appreciating someone, helping others or most importantly helping your own self, letting yourself enjoy the day!

// Ways to Beat Anxiety

Take a Break

Anxiety is a panic provoking condition. We all remain so busy in our lives that we continuously keep on neglecting ourselves. We need to pay attention to ourselves and should give inner peace to our souls. It’s essential to get out of our daily routines. You should keep aside all your work, your connections, your devices for some time just to have a break from all the regular events.

Your mind does require cut off from your social sites to let yourself rest completely for a while. Being immensely involved in social media accounts can cause severe anxiety as there you may see some fake news or it may remind you of your tasks, moreover, you eventually want to keep your profiles up to date in order to compare with your friends and show them that you are a smart busy worker ahh! That’s a natural phenomenon because we are living in a modern era where we are racing with others. 

Let it All Out!

8 Ways to Beat Anxiety

Talking to someone you trust is a way to cope up with anxiety. But screaming it out is more satisfying. Yeah, I prefer to let out that frustration and anxiety by shouting loudly in your bedroom when no one is around. The more you fight with your anxiety, the more it becomes overwhelming. It is like a healthy release of emotions in the environment. Scream at your best or have a fight with the pillows!

Yes, you can also let it go by crying it all out. Crying is not a weakness sometimes it is really healthy way to vomit out your emotions.

Moreover, speaking your heart with someone you trust or any counselor who could help you. Do whatever helps you to let it out. One more interesting way could be that let your frustration out on a piece of paper. Draw or just randomly scratch lines it will help you to calm down soon. 

Don’t skip your meals 

Anxiety causes nausea but skipping food is not good. You need to stay healthy to overcome your anxiety for that you need to eat healthy food. Your blood sugar drops when you have no intake of food which causes the release of a stress hormone called cortisol.

Cortisol can make you feel worse if you are already inclined to anxiety. When you are nervous and your body is shaking, you need to energize yourself and increase your blood sugar level in order to not suffer from any weakness. 

Deep Breathing 

You need to relax while you are going through anxiety because it makes you feel panic. Sit in a quiet and comfortable place where you are can focus properly. Take in a slow and regular breath for 5 seconds and gradually take it out.

8 Ways to Beat Anxiety

It is an exercise which really helps you to relieve all the stress. Repeat this deep breathing for about 5 minutes. This will keep your breathing rate moderate and will slow down your heart rate. 

Give Yourself A Bedtime

Of course, nothing could be more calming than having a nice comfortable sleep. A healthy sleep routine helps you to stay active throughout the day and allow you to control your anxiety. I know, our busy schedules do not allow us to sleep well. But we humans require sleep to function properly.

8 Ways to Beat Anxiety

Make a proper bedtime routine. Do something relaxing before going to bed. It helps you to get a good night’s sleep, which improves the quality of your sleep and you wake up with a better morning. 

// Ways to Beat Anxiety


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a psychological treatment to get over your anxiety. This therapy helps people to learn how to think about and react to anxiety-causing cases. It helps you to easily identify and challenge your worrying thoughts.

CBT is an approach where people are taught some skills to manage their anxiety. It makes you responsible for changing and controlling your feelings, emotions, and behaviors. It also provides you with relaxation training like muscle relaxation to release physical tension. A therapist helps you to divert your mind from negative thoughts and behaviors. 

Feel OKAY saying NO 

8 Ways to Beat Anxiety

Yes, it is completely fine in saying NO to someone. You are not being selfish instead you are thinking and taking care of yourself. It does not mean to not help others or just become rude, but you should know your limitations.

When you start saying ’yes’ to everyone so you almost spend all your energy caring for others and again ignoring yourself. Then you are left with little strength for your personal care which is not at all healthy. So feel comfortable and don’t be afraid to say ‘No’ to others when you need to. 

// Ways to Beat Anxiety

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