As concerts are postponed, all sporting events are canceled, schools and universities are closed and all the tourist spots are shut down, and were all stuck at home during this time of the global pandemic.

The good way to protect yourself and others from the coronavirus is to stay at home the least we can do.

But what to do at home?

We all are really busy in our lives that we don’t have time to focus on ourselves or to think about ourselves. 

We don’t have enough time for family but now we can spend time with family to relax. And since everyone is at home right now we have enough time to do such things that we can’t do in our daily lives.

Instead of getting bored or thinking about what is happening, try to do something productive. 

What are the fun things to do at home?

There are so many things that you can do from your home like you can earn money from online jobs or you can watch your favorite TV show which you always wanted to watch but didn’t get time. Or you can cook your favorite dish.

Here are a few things that you can do in quarantine

8 things to do while being home in Quarantine


You can exercise almost anywhere you’re at, we all can’t go to the gym obviously but we can do at least 15 mins exercise daily.

8 things to do while being home in Quarantine

Cycle, and do pushups and planks like there’s no tomorrow.

I already met my fitness goals for this year as many of us don’t get time to do exercise because of our busy routine but now that we all are stuck so I guess this is the best time to maintain them now.

During exercise, your body releases chemicals that can improve your mood and make you feel more relaxed. 

What to do in Quarantine

Basic exercises at home to stay fit

  • Push-ups: 10 reps.
  •  Plank: 3 sets (15 seconds)
  •  Side planks
  •  Pull-ups
  •  Squats
8 things to do while being home in Quarantine

So instead of getting bored or creating panic just start making a routine and do at least 15 mins of exercise.

2.   ONLINE JOBS                                                       

In quarantine, where there’s complete lockdown around the world and we’re all stuck at home but we can still earn money.

What to do in Quarantine

Online jobs are the best as you can do anything just sitting at your home.There are many platforms that provide us to earn just by putting our skills out there.

For example, Fiverr, Upwork, freelancer are those platforms where you can put your skills and people will reach you and place their order.

8 things to do while being home in Quarantine

If you are a good writer then create your profile and let others know about your skills and your experience.

If you’re a graphic designer then why don’t you get featured at your own company?

Work online from home and get paid!

3.   Read a book       

We all are really busy in the daily routine that we wanted to plan so much for weekends but can’t really implement on that but since everyone is on the same page so you can do anything which we always wanted to do but didn’t get time.

Is there anything better than book reading ?

What to do in Quarantine

Reading books is the best quality a person can possess. Reading helps in building your confidence and can definitely put you in a better mood.

Reading builds your character, imparts your knowledge and keeps you peaceful.

Once you start reading your favorite book eventually you will get addicted.

So what are you waiting for?      So which book is your cup of tea? 

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4.   Cook while you’re self- quarantined 

What to do in Quarantine

It’s an uncertain and scary time but you and your family still need to eat.

Now, this is the time to cook something you always wanted to do on weekends but ended up making excuses.

Since we all are self-quarantined. And it is scary to order food from outside. So we have to make it ourselves and that’s great in some way.

You can cook with your children and also teach them how to cook and that’s a healthy activity.

Why don’t you try a new recipe?                              

There are plenty of tasty recipes you can bake when you’re bored. And it’s also a great time to make some meals in advance and store them in the freezer.

What to do in Quarantine

There are many different Homemade Easy Lasagna Recipe, rice, Casseroles, soups, and stews that can be frozen and reheated.

When you do get back to a more normal routine/cycle, you can utilize those frozen meals that you have stored up.  And It will save time and money.

5.   TV and movies to watch during the quarantine

As we don’t have enough time to catch our favorite shows on normal days.

What to do in Quarantine

Some of us are busy doing assignments, homework, university work and routine tasks as we didn’t get time to watch movies.

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What to do in Quarantine

Somehow we all miss watching TV but now as we all are stuck in our homes so we can watch our favorite TV shows or movies.          

I know, you have a list of movies that you’ve been putting off for a long time.  But now, it’s a great time to start digging through that queue.

6.      Great opportunity to clean your home!

What to do in Quarantine

It is a great opportunity to clean your room and décor it.  

Put everything back where it belongs. Do the maintenance of your kitchen appliances. Clean every cupboard.

Clean the corners that you don’t get cleaned on normal days

Try to recycle things to décor your room.  There is no better time to clean your room than right now.!

7. Gardening is the best therapy

Gardening is the best of all the hobbies which one can follow. 

While working in the garden not only you will spend time in a better way but also improve your health.

 And it’s a good form of exercise.  Even having a simple plant on your desk can reduce your stress.

What to do in Quarantine

Gardening can be the best way to pass the time during self-quarantine.

Here are some plants that you can grow indoors:

·         Microgreens

·         Aloe Vera. 

·         Spider Plant. 

·         Salad greens

·         Carrots

8 things to do while being home in Quarantine

So in quarantine what’s better than gardening?

Do some gardening and your garden will look better and your plants will appreciate it for sure

8. Talk to friends and relatives

Talk with your friends and family who don’t live with you and support each other. 

Call a friend that you haven’t talked to in years but you always wanted to.  Talk to your college friends.

What to do in Quarantine

Everyone is at home right now so it’s a great time to talk with your old friends.

Take the extra step and give them a call or send them a picture of your beautiful memory with them, they will appreciate you.

Try to spread love everywhere as we are on the page right now so we need each other.!  

It might be frustrating to just stay at home all the time but we don’t have any other choice so try to do something productive and don’t waste your time and don’t panic.

Making a scheduled workout for 10-15 mins, spending time with family, reading your favorite book and doing some gardening, can reduce your stress. 

Stay safe everyone!

//What to do in Quarantine

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