This quarantine I got enough time to reflect back into some shows from 90s other than eating and sleeping and wasting time on the internet. Nah, I am also doing some productive work like writing this article no? Khair, so I was talking about the past. It is not just my past but ours if you are a 90s kid. Not a kid anymore though. I am sure you will relate to it, and it will bring smiles on your face and maybe tears in your eyes too.

Remember the time of summer nights. It is past evening and you are sitting in front of the TV. Excitedly and eagerly looking at the clock, waiting for it to turn at 8 pm. Because that was the time when one of our childhoods favourite Artists come on TV with our most favourite show. MAD

I know it not the only show we loved. So, today with The Meraki Magazine I bring some of the best shows of our childhood which you should rewatch now in this quarantine.

Shaka Laka Boom Boom

8  Shows From The 90s With Old And Sweet Memories

I am pretty sure you all remember this show. It first on Star Plus in 2001 an since then our lives changed forever. We all have wasted all of our pocket money to buy that magical pencil. We will buy that to turn things real for us. But all we ever got was a disappointment. And another reason to buy a new pencil in hope that would be different from the last one we had.

I have been scolded a lot by my mom, on collecting these pencils. But it does not matter now anyway. Because of it, I can proudly say I had the best childhood ever. (You can say that too since we belong from the same era). Here is the theme song of Shaka Lala Boom boom for you too. Listen to this because it will take you on a ride, back to your childhood

Son Pari

This show was probably our first experience a magical world and made us believe in fairy-tales. It was one of the shows that made me rub all the crystals of my Chandelier to bong Son Pari at my place. But sadly, she never came. Maybe that was because was rubbing it wrong all along?


No matter how much we hate the animation of this if we look at it now. But it would always one of the favs of Star Plus. An unpopular opinion – even though I loved this show but I never liked the lead character of it – Tooty. Do not kill me for this but if you agree on this then comment below. one of the most loved shows from the 90s with such great memories.

Sssshhhh Koi ha

Superhero Vikraal and little Gabroo, a joint force to fight evil and capture spirits to save mankind from death and destruction. It is one the most scariest show of our times, i mean 90s. We all have watched it tucked under blankets and sneaking out for some glimpse and then going back inside the blanket.

The best part and also the saddest part was Gabroo and we all must have felt bad when he had to give his coins for a story.

Karishma Kaa Karishma

The series premiered on Star Plus on 24 January 2003 and since then it is in our heart and memories. We may never forget this one. It was the old, Desi and better version of doremon nobita.

Little Krishma had the power to do amazing stuff. We were too naive at that time to understand what a robot is and what it does. So, now is the time to watch this and enjoy and relive the past.


Three women inherit superpowers and use it in their daily life to bring some fun and solve their regular problems. This was the show that all inspired us to solve our issues with magic too.

Unfortunately for me, it ended too soon. Also, there were some rumours that the show is getting back on Television. Now, let’s wait and see if it ever comes or not. But I’m sure you must have some good memories related to this show.



It was the true inspiration for many who at that time wanted to be warriors, metaphorically Duh. I tried to make my sword from cardboard and paper to save my prince.

PS: I was prince myself.

Truly, it gave us hope that no matter what you will always win if you are on the side of Good, and evil will always lose the battle. You are true Hatim too if you tied your mothers Dupatta around your neck and pretended to be one.


Karma, now we all know what does this mean but back in childhood it was a man with amazing abilities, who run faster than train, and beats the shit out of bad people.

I remember twisting my fingers and forming the same mask as of Karma. Though it was very tiring. After super hit episodes, many made merchandise like masks and etc. My mom has scolded me a lot on wasting money on these kinds of stuff.

Baa Bahoo Aur Baby

It was one of the rare shows that made us realize the importance of a joint family. How the joint family finds their ways through hard life and sufferings. It was a woman empowering, and such a delightful show.

Guttu Bhai, who can forget this character and his amazing acting skills. Each character had depicted the position of people at that time. For instance, Baa showed us how strong is single women with determination or the character of Minakshi who depicts the real life of many from the uneducated background.

Writing about these 8 shows from the 90s which hols such old and sweet memories have bought tears and smile on my face. This pandemic has been really bad for my mental health but at least I have found solace and peace via watching these 8 shows from the 90s.

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