7 Underrated Netflix Shows Every Pakistani Should Watch

7 Underrated Netflix Shows that you should not miss.

Are you getting increasingly bored during this lockdown? Have you tried every single remedy to entertain yourself from testing your (awful) baking and culinary skills to trying to be artsy and testing your luck at painting?

Have you already broken your wrist while whisking coffee to make the best version of dalgona coffee only to spend the next hour trying to capture the prettiest picture of it to post on Instagram and forgetting to actually drink it?

Is this lockdown testing your patience more than Ramadan is? And have you run out of fun things to do? Well, don’t worry, The Meraki is here with a solution. 

Realizing the extreme boredom of being locked up inside with nowhere to go, The Meraki has compiled a list of 7 underrated Netflix shows that every Pakistani should watch. Not only are they interesting, but they will also make you forget about your intense boredom. 

Diriliş: Ertuğrul

Ertugrul is a Turkish drama which has recently started gaining fame. It has been written by Mehmet Bozdag, a well-known Turkish screenwriter who has contributed some amazing shows to Turkish television.

7 Underrated Netflix Shows Every Pakistani Should Watch

It is a historical fiction full of action and adventure. Set in the 13th century, the show is based on the history of Oghuz Turks narrating the story of Ertugrul. A gallant warrior who bravely fights several battles against the Mongols and Christian Byzantines. 

The male protagonist is the epitome of courage. A preacher of justice and believer of the mercy and power of God. He is portrayed as a courageous man. In various scenes he is seen seeking help from God, putting his trust in Him and having a firm belief that he would be nothing if not for the mercy of God. 

The female characters have also been portrayed as strong and independent women who are not easily distressed during difficult situations. They seem to be aware of their worth and make sure everyone else does too. They are seen wielding swords, bravely  fighting along with the men on the battlefield.

7 Underrated Netflix Shows Every Pakistani Should Watch

Perhaps, among the major reasons why it has begun attracting a variety of audience is because of the way it portrays Islam as opposed to movies and shows produced in the West. Ertugrul depicts Islamic values in a positive light while it also stresses upon the importance of Jihad. 

Prime Minister, Imran Khan stated that the series is a phenomenal drama that can help awaken the spirit of Jihad among the youth along with propagating Islamic teachings. Upon his suggestion, series was dubbed in Urdu. Many celebrities have appreciated the initiative, recommending the youth to watch the series with the eyes of a learner. 

7 Underrated Netflix Shows Every Pakistani Should Watch

In a nutshell, the show is an exceptional display of the unfaltering strength of the Muslims of the 13th century and an outstanding effort by Mehmet Bozdag to familiarize today’s Muslim youth with the teachings and values of Islam in order to awaken the spirit of jihad and to enlighten the youth regarding the virtues of adopting positive traits like patience, courage, and trusting God during times of distress. 

If you’re not already watching it, what exactly are you waiting for? Head over to Netflix and start watching tonight! 

The OA

This American fantasy fiction is a blend of mystery, suspense and drama which is sure to keep viewers awake all night, binge-watching to find out what happens next. It also includes elements of supernatural and science fiction so if you’re a sci-fi junkie and have an interest in paranormal and mystic theories, here you go. This one’s for you.

7 Underrated Netflix Shows Every Pakistani Should Watch

Of course, we don’t want to accidentally give too many spoilers so let us just give you a quick overview. 

A woman named Prairie Johnson reappears after having been missing for nearly seven years. Yeah typical plot, nothing too interesting right?

But… there’ more. Prairie Johnson now refers to herself as ‘The OA’ — the Original Angel — and claims that she has got her vision back. (Did we fail to mention that she had been blind prior to going missing?) 

Yeah the woman sounds like all sorts of crazy but crazy is interesting. Before we give everything away because we just can’t control our word vomit, head on over to Netflix and START WATCHING!!

7 Underrated Netflix Shows Every Pakistani Should Watch


7 Underrated Netflix Shows Every Pakistani Should Watch

Four families, in a small town in Germany, uncover the sinister secrets of their town, following the disappearance of two kids as they come together to look for them. Along the way, however, they find much more than what they had originally planned to search for: the kids, coming across ancient mysteries, dark pasts and dual lives of the inhabitants of the town. 

7 Underrated Netflix Shows Every Pakistani Should Watch

A tragic thriller filled with the elements of supernatural and science fiction, it weaves through a bunch of enigmatic discoveries that have the potential to change the lives of the inhabitants of the fictional town of Winden. 

Dark is often compared to the famous television series, Stranger Things due to the plot revolving around the disappearance of children. However, Dark stands as an incredibly interesting series differing in the story line from Stranger Things and building a large number of audience for itself through its engaging and enigmatic story line.

Money Heist

7 Underrated Netflix Shows Every Pakistani Should Watch

Money Heist is a Spanish drama that follows a thrilling story line about criminals who come together under a mastermind who goes by the name of ‘The Professor’. 

Also known as La Casa de Papel in Spanish, this is an exhilarating drama revolving around robberies and extreme crimes.  

The intense mix of drama, thrill and suspense does a great job at keeping the audience at the edge of their seats, waiting impatiently to find out the next series of events. 

The Professor leads two extensively and carefully thought out heists, one on the Royal Mint of Spain and the other on the Bank of Spain while constantly trying to escape the vigilant police forces. 

If you’re someone who could watch crime movies for days on end and aren’t scared to put yourself through hours of pulsating excitement and thrill, Money Heist is the show for you. 

7 Underrated Netflix Shows Every Pakistani Should Watch


7 Underrated Netflix Shows Every Pakistani Should Watch

An eighteen year old boy, Sam Gardner, who suffers from autism, comes of age and is met with a number of challenges that come with turning eighteen. On one hand, he decides to finally step into the world of dating while on the other hand, he has to deal with an impossibly dysfunctional family. This is not a miss from the list of 7 Underrated Netflix Shows that are a must.

Weaving through the complications of life for an autistic, newly-turned adult and the affairs of a maddening, maladjusted family, the show is a blend of dry humor, wit, drama and suspense. 
While it is not particularly the best comedy plus youth series out there, it is definitely good enough to binge watch if you’re running low on entertainment.

Peaky Blinders

We just can’t help but suggest another crime show because these kinds of shows are the absolute best with just the right amount of thrill, enigma and suspense to keep you wanting more. 

7 Underrated Netflix Shows Every Pakistani Should Watch

Posing as a competitor to the Spanish television series, Money Heist, in the crime genre is the British series, Peaky Blinders with almost the same amount of viewership of crime loving fans. 

Set in Birmingham, some time after the end of the First World War, it weaves through the story of a criminal gang that goes by the name of ‘Peaky Blinders’ led by the cunning boss Tommy Shelby. 

Currently, it has five series, each containing six action-packed episodes with the sixth series on the way. 

What’s interesting is that the show has been based upon a real life 19th century gang of young men who, after the first World War, founded a criminal group by the same name, hoping to attain power through ill means of robberies, gambling and violence.

Peaky Blinders is a great television series to invest your time in during these uneventful lockdown days. 

Russian Doll

7 Underrated Netflix Shows Every Pakistani Should Watch

This is the last entry in our list of 7 Underrated Netflix Shows that you should watch. Nadia Vulvokov finds herself stuck in an endless loop of time where she relives a party that she had been to one night, over and over again. How so? Well… she kind of dies and comes back alive a few times and each time she finds herself at the same party. Stuck in a loop, she tries to figure out the mystery behind her recurring death when she finds Alan Zaveri who is also stuck in the same situation as hers. 

7 Underrated Netflix Shows Every Pakistani Should Watch

Russian Doll is an American web-television series available on Netflix. It is a comedy-drama that twists through a mysterious plot as the protagonist looks for a solution out of her predicament. 

The mystery and suspense is sure to keep the audience on the edge of their seats while the slight humor breaks through the suspense to make the show entertaining. 

Well, there you go! Your solution to brighten up the profound dullness of being locked up at home with nothing entertaining to engage in. These Netflix shows are sure to break through the monotony of current life as you find yourself unable to leave your computer alone for even a minute.

7 Underrated Netflix Shows Every Pakistani Should Watch

However, make sure you don’t miss Iftaar… or suhoor and don’t forget to help your family out with house chores and make the best out of the blessed month of Ramadan

// 7 Underrated Netflix Shows Every Pakistani Should Watch

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