Whether love or arranged, marriages in desi culture have always been a big deal. From long-lasting wedding functions to desi rasmain everything is crazy. Another very crazy concept that persists in our society is of not giving space and privacy to the newly married couple. Everything they do or plan is somehow the whole family’s business.

newly married

Here are 7 things newly married couples are tired of hearing:

1. How are your in-laws with you?

The stereotype suggests that the new member in the family won’t get along well with her in-laws especially the mother in law. So even if things are different and both of them share a nice bond, she still has to see people craving for some inside gossip.

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2. Be the dominating one

No matter how much you love, respect and care for your wife, there’s always going to be someone who will ask you to keep the upper hand in your marriage. “Don’t become a joru kaa ghulam” is what they’ll say. Nobody cares if both of you want to be equals in a marriage, the mard has to dominate. Always.

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3. When’s the honeymoon?

Every newly married couple has had to answer this. Not only this but every single thing from where you’ll be going to your flight details, how long are you going to stay, they want all of them. Because apparently, the honeymoon period is for everyone else to enjoy instead of the couple right?

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4. Did you change your surname?

With all the wedding shenanigans, the flood of emotions and amidst every other important thing, the bride and the groom almost completely forgot that they’d have to answer the typical ‘surname’ questions.

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5. Do you know how to cook?

Years may have passed talking about breaking these stereotypes but the desi aunties can never stop asking the bride if she knows how to cook. No she doesn’t. The poor woman didn’t know it was a mandatory thing to learn before she gets married.

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6. Good news?

If the rest of the pressure just wasn’t enough, there are people who will ask you for the “good news” minutes after you tie the knot. It’s as if you were hiding a baby that can be made public as soon as you get married. Because everyone except both of you is awaiting the child.

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7. It’s going to get boring

We’ve always heard people saying this to their newly married friends that the fun is only going to last a few days. Telling a newly married couple that their life is going to be miserable once the honeymoon period is over and how marriage is a trap? Way to go!

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