6 Ways to Combat Quarantine Depression

Life these days isn’t easy. The sickness of the situation is practically in the air. Isn’t it?

COVID-19 has not only threatened our physical well-being, but the latter has also had a noteworthy impact on our mental health. Today, people are suffering from depression and anxiety globally. Be it, a kid or an adult, an introvert or an extrovert, COVID 19 has had such an impact on all.

6 Ways to Combat Quarantine Depression

Its spread has disrupted our lifestyles, punctured the perfect wheel of life that we humans had arranged for ourselves in ages. And that brings quite a frustrating and depressing feeling, especially when one knows what an intense economic crisis that could bring.

Not to mention, it has been particularly disturbing for those who have been heavily dependent and addicted to their social lives. For them, the change is not only drastic but somewhat unbearable as well.

Well, we at The Meraki Magazine, fully realize the intensity of the situation. And we consider it our responsibility to assist you through every step of these hard times.

For the very same reason, we have formulated this post. Here, you can find the top 6 most effective ways to combat the quarantine depression.

Symptoms of the Quarantine Depression 

The symptoms of quarantine depression are worst and almost immediately identifiable for those who suffer from the actual quarantine. And by that, we refer to the unfortunate souls who catch the coronavirus. Both isolation and their physical health demotivate them greatly, and they tend to experience the extremes of:

  • Fear
  • Low mood
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Sadness
  • Confusion
  • Anger
  • Numbness 
  • Stress 
  • Irritability
  • Emotional Exhaustion

COVID-less people also experience somewhat similar symptoms. However, they experience these symptoms with variable and often less-extreme intensities.

Well, we don’t intend to scare you, but here’s bad news: some long term consequences of the quarantine depression can last up to three years! But note that only some can. And these include insomnia, low mood, and emotional disturbance.

Also, here’s a piece of good news: we have got some handy solutions! With these, hopefully, you will eradicate the short-term effects. And consequently, eliminate any chances of developing long-lasting problems. Continue reading, the solutions lie just a scroll ahead.

6 Ways to Combat Quarantine Depression

Well. Here they are!

Plan Yourself 

Firstly, grab a pencil and paper and jot down all the pending activities. List down the things you wanted to do but couldn’t due to a shortage of time. Now, make a short term planner (preferably weekly or daily) of achieving these goals.

Next, set up a daily routine. Plan your timings of getting up, meals, work, other activities, and then going back to sleep. Divide your 24-hours wisely.

Remember, staying home does not mean you should reverse your routine. You need to stick to your schedule and keep the concept of weekends alive. No one can yet confidently say whether the quarantine ends tomorrow or a year after. Thus, we must keep ourselves sane, in good shape, and capable of return to our normal routines whenever this gets over.

Eat Healthy 

6 Ways to Combat Quarantine Depression

Another problem that the global pandemic has triggered amongst our perfectly balanced human lives is the need to snack. All-day at home, our bodies have developed perpetual cravings for snacks. Something to munch on and something to stay busy. 

While some won’t get much bothered by the constant hungriness, a majority of us have been worrying about the sudden burst in calorie intake. Chips, sandwiches, and biscuits are likely to end us all up suffering from obesity. Aren’t they?

Well, although to may not be able to fully cure these cravings, you can lessen them. How? The answer is simple; by consuming healthy food. 

Your body will require lesser snacks when you will start to eat healthy, fulfilling meals. Also, your body won’t gain tens and hundreds of pounds. 

Replace the processed foods, such as chips, with salads, or try baking yourself some soft, fluffy muffins. And enjoy eating! // 6 Ways to Combat Quarantine Depression

Spend Time with Family, Friends, and Pets 

Well, by now, you must have heard several people saying that. But believe us, they aren’t wrong. The unforgiving grind of our daily lives had deeply deprived each one of us of realizing, acknowledging, and cherishing the love that surrounds us.

Now is your time to duly credit and cherish the presence of family, friends, and your beloved pets. Watch some movies together, eat meals, talk, play, and whatnot. Remember, when the world resumes, this golden opportunity will be taken back again. Take advantage before that time comes!

Pursue Your Hobby

Yes, the prevailing situations are saddening, but there is no point in sitting useless. You can not hang out with friends, nor can you spend time at an event. What shall one do? 

Well, with ample time available, you can pursue a hobby. Perhaps, it is time to re-establish the connection with those amazing thriller novels that got disrupted by never-ending tests. Or maybe, it is time to upgrade your recipe book by baking some finger-licking good cakes.

Why not find your anime list and complete the 2020 challenge? Why not polish your DSLR lens and capture the colors of life? Why not open up a notebook and fill the pages with your imagination? 

Honestly, there is an infinite collection of things that you can do at home. Try pursuing what you really are passionate about and see the magic!

Learn a New Skill 

Perhaps, the most effective way to combat depression is to explore different fields of life. Be an adventurer, a discovered, and learn a new skill. Try to step from your comfort zone and explore various domains. 

Maybe, you can learn a new language and master your speaking skills. You can polish your singing abilities or upgrade your gaming skills. Now that you have ample time at hand, you can so much more!


When the depression gets over and upon your head, it’s time to connect with the universe. Meditation helps channel all your focus and your energy on a single thought. Mindfulness meditation calms the worrying, anxious mind and brings about a more positive mental state.

The practice involves closing your eyes and focus all your energy on a positive thought. To fuel the process, you can use the yoga postures and deeply inhale and exhale. It’s one of the handiest tools to combat depressions of all sorts. 


Quarantine depression has become a common and major problem encountered by many. In this article, you will learn about the roots of this depression, its symptoms, impacts, and most importantly, the ways to combat it. Although one cannot avoid this depression, one can overcome it by addressing the issue with appropriate methodologies.

// 6 Ways to Combat Quarantine Depression

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1 month ago

This summarizes such a complicated subject so well! I’ve been searching the net, and only this one caught my attention right from the start. I think I’ll be able to combat my depression with these tips- hopefully! Thank you!!!