Coronavirus lockdown has made us laziest. Due to lying on the bed all day long, none of us wants to come out of the room and do something productive. We are now addicted to Facebook and Twitter. There are some of the Factors That Drive Performance that are being missed out in our routines these days.

It is now ingrained in our brains to click on blue and green icons and entertain ourselves by conversing with uni fellows and become part of idiotic gossips.

Factors That Drive Performance

Although we know that these gossips do not give us anything, we do it still. Have you asked yourselves why we do it? The answer is that we like it.

There is an automatic some addiction and fun in all negative things. I don’t know whether there is fun in all brain-damaging skills or we learn it from society to see and feel fun in such activities but we actually find relaxation in gossiping and scrolling Facebook. We now feel relieved in reading tweets.

However there are so many things in our little phone to do- from courses to initiating your own startup, we lack motivation to accomplish our goals.

It seems that a simple bed and Facebook have made our comfort zone so comfortable that we have now throw our ambitions in dustbin. Therefore, we now need motivation.

Motivation is the reason to do something.

Factors That Drive Performance in you

Today, in this age of digitization, we need a reason why we need to do a certain course.

Although we know that it would help us to excel in career or achieve our already set goals, we need other reasons as well that would make us to leave the phone instantly and attract towards Coursera and product making.

Therefore, there is now a concept of motivational factors. Motivational factors are little awards and achievements that would make you do the certain work.

Take an example of a child who studies for an exam because his father told him that he would gift him a bicycle if he would achieve “A” grade or first position in the final exams.

This achievement or prize of a bicycle is a motivational factor for him that gives a child reason to study or motivates him to work hard on studies to achieve the desired result.

Besides bicycles, you- students and youngsters, can use numerous motivational factors to play with your brain to do what you actually want to do. The top six motivational factors that drive performance are following:  

Less is more

Instead of doing the large and heavy task together, divide the course or assignment or any task into small steps. It will reduce the size of the task apparently and will give you a message in the brain that you can do it fast. Therefore, it will then motivate you to do it.

After doing every step, fulfill any of your greed. For example, if you are doing an essay then watch a small short film or have your favorite food after doing research about the topic or writing the introduction. It will please you and motivate you further to work on it more.


Feedback and results can motivate a person towards work. That’s the reason why there is the system of examination in our education system.

Factors That Drive Performance among us

If you are doing a course online, then do give tests there and get feedback.

If the results are pretty good, it will motivate you to go ahead with other lectures and chapters of the course.

Similarly, if you are writing an essay, then ask your sibling or friend to read it and give you feedback.

Whether the feedback is pleasing or displeasing, it will motivate you as you will get hope that you can write more or puzzle you why there are mistakes or how you can improve them.

You can even use Grammarly to check it.


Factors That Drive Performance

We underestimate the power of belief but how much you believe on yourself and on your skills has the greatest impact on your motivational levels.

It will keep on making you think that you can do it and excel further. It will make you work harder and excel the goal.

Hence, self-belief is to trust yourself and give yourself another chance to do something one more time. It works as a motivational factor when you achieve low scores in the subject or face failure in any of the tasks.

Moreover, it will boom if you achieve success.

So, trust yourself and give yourself the freedom to explore yourself.


Factors That Drive Performance

Instead of restricting yourself, give yourself freedom to make mistakes. Although there is a need to set some paradigms that your mistakes should not hurt others too much and if it does so you should be strong enough to ask for forgiveness from that person.

The more you give yourself a chance to make mistakes the more you will be motivated to perform better in your tasks.

It will give you some sense of authority and freedom and people crave to have authority and freedom since the world was created.

No doubt you will make mistakes and stupid blunders but it will help you to understand the process from detail that will bind your interest in that task or performance which will result in improvement in performance.


Factors That Drive Performance

If there is a phone, comfy bed and dark curtains in your room then your performance will not improve. You are human, social animals. You have an effect of the environment.

Therefore, there is great need to change your environment. You cannot take out bed from your place but you can remove curtains. You can shift a small table in the room and set your laptop and things on it creatively to motivate yourself to work and improve the performance. It is of the main Factors That Drive Performance in your nature.

The more the environment blends formality and informality, the more you will work better.


6 Motivational Factors That Drive Performance

If you do work on time then appreciate yourself. The more you appreciate yourself, the faster there will be improvement. It will boost self-confidence and self-esteem and these will work as other factors to drive your performance. At many times, we cannot achieve the desired result.

In such cases, try to judge the case from all perspectives. If there is a mistake of yours in the task then accept your mistake and work on it and if the task is difficult naturally then do not burden yourself and pat yourself that you have achieved that much.

6 Motivational Factors That Drive Performance

So, these are the top six motivational factors that can drive your performance. In lockdown, it is difficult to improve yourself and your work but motivational factors can help you.

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