Mental Health Tips for Ramadan. When you come across this article, Ramadan would have started. Ramadan itself is a month that’s unique in qualities and traditions. But this year’s Ramadan is going to be quite different from before. As we are in the middle of a Coronavirus outbreak and living under quarantine.

There’s lots of uncertainty around us. We have no idea when we will come out of this. In such a situation, Eid, an occasion every Muslim awaits for, is blurred out of vision. Due to preventive measures, we can not engage in iftar parties, social and religious gatherings.

Therefore, we need to keep ourselves and others healthy and happy, both mentally and physically. Ramadan is a month of blessings, we are tightly restricted to fully enjoy and extract its essence. But what we can do is, we can change our mindsets and make the best out of this situation.

“I believe in Making the Most of Now!

I don’t know what tomorrow Promises,

But I do have this Hour, this Minute, this Second…To Smile.


So let’s walk through some tips that may help us keep our sanity intact. And make this Ramzan one of the most beautiful experience.

 Be Realistic

Honestly, it’s been days since we are under lockdown. We have to accept that this is our reality now. Because as soon as we accept, we will start making efforts to deal with it effectively.

As mentioned, we have to make the best out of every worse situation. Let’s consider this a challenge. Nature’s challenge to adapt to new ways.

Change is inevitable. Change is life. Every creation has to adjust itself for change to survive. Which is why it’s important to understand and get realistic now.

Reality will help us in finding new activities, which we can do to ourselves busy. We will devise new ways to adjust to this novel situation. We will find new purposes and ways to achieve them.

Manage Expectations

We are under the notion that this lockdown is abnormal. Indeed, it is in many ways. But we have to come out of the pretense and accept that this is the new normal.

6 Mental Health Tips for Ramadan in Quarantine

And this new reality will entail new situations. We have no idea how things will work out. Therefore, we should lower down our expectations. 

In Ramadan, we have a lot of wishes and dreams, basically, expectations, which cannot be fulfilled this time. Hence, its time to revise our expectations as per reality.

We cannot be as productive as we used to be before. This situation is different for everyone. Therefore, get used to it. Accept it. And make a new normal situation out of it.

Manage Uncertainty

Don’t take it all together. Focus on one aspect and then the other. Take each day at a time. Obviously, there’s uncertainty, we do not know how long we will be kept under lockdown. And with uncertainty, comes anxiety.

6 Mental Health Tips for Ramadan in Quarantine

This anxiety renders us helpless. We keep worrying about one this or the other. A lot of questions go around in our minds. Thoughts are tangled. Instead of fixing the problem, we go around in loops. 

So, just stop. Literally, stop. Catch yourself in the act. Do not fall for this trap and go down the rabbit hole.

 Manage Stress

There’s this constant stress over our heads. We do not have to go out or follow certain obligations in current times. Still, being at home, confined has it’s own effects.

In Ramadan, it’s all the more important to deal with our stress. We fast, our body goes through different processes which can be hard on us. Therefore, it’s important to eat well to manage stress.

6 Mental Health Tips for Ramadan in Quarantine

Ramadan always helps in creating a routine. A schedule, that we can work with. Therefore, stick to that schedule. Manage your routine.

We need to strengthen our immunity. This will relieve most of our stress and thrive us more.

 Have a Sense of Purpose

Just like each year, this Ramazan is bringing us blessings. Life is more than we can think of. Therefore, it’s time to think out of the box.

Plan for your Eid. It is a happy time. We cannot waste in hopes or unreal expectations. 

This lockdown gives us a sense of purpose. It’s me with myself time. Do whatever you love to do. Learn something new. Make new dishes for Iftar and Sahar.

But don’t let this time go. Create new activities and adhere to them. Enjoy this time and Ramadan.

Connect with Others

Being lockdown doesn’t mean you can be connected with your loved ones.

Yes, we have to maintain social distancing. But there are a hundred other ways of making your connection strong with others.

Be in touch. Talk to others and discuss they are spending Ramadan. What are their plans? Console them, if there’s a need. This way, even you will get some ideas.

Quarantine is not a synonym for loneliness. Keep in touch and have happy conversations with friends and families.

//Mental Health Tips for Ramadan


Lastly, isn’t it what we always wished for? To spend Ramadan at home. Well, here’s our time.

Look at the brighter side we are with our families, throughout this Ramadan. We can indulge in favorite family activities and fulfill religious obligations as well.

It’s time to connect with Our Creator wholeheartedly. We have to make the most of this time and situation.

So, instead of stressing out and being anxious over the future, be in Now. Be realistic and accept it. Only then, you will be able to make the most of it.    

// 6 Mental Health Tips for Ramadan During the Quarantine

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