// Digital Skills to learn in Quarantine

People should learn digital skills. It is something smart. 

Everyone is concerned about attracting new customers on the internet these days. Therefore, they should become more fluent in the digital space.

To learn digital skills, no one needs to become a died-in-the-wool expert, fortunately. By working on a few specific digital skills anyone can set himself apart from others. 

Hence, here are the 6 Digital Skills to learn in Quarantine everyone can add to their tool kits:


Basic front end development skills can make people more effective in their jobs. If they are at young startups, then they want to become comfortable using them.

Hypertext Markup Language or HTML is a basic coding language that tells web browsers like Safari and Google Chrome ways to structure web pages. Cascading Style Sheets or CSS adds styles to those webpages. That is to say, it works with HTML. 

Digital Skills to learn in Quarantine

People can style and structure emails, customise forms, make tweaks to landing pages, and format blog posts with them. They can make changes independently.

Even those working at a company would not have to wait for their teams to make time for their projects. Individuals can have control over work and move quickly.

Basic Design Principles UI and UX:

People have to convince users to become customers, attract new users, and repeat customers. 

Design UX or UI or specifically user experience and user interference play a giant role in keeping them interested and attracts them. 

User interference or the feel and look of an email or site can tell readers that products are for them. 

A website that has great user experience or UX and is easy to use can inspire more purchases and more trust too. 

Therefore, it is worth getting some design skills under someone’s belt if they want to become successful.

No one must become a design virtuoso now. However, understanding the basic principles behind good designs takes many a long way. 

Digital Skills to learn in Quarantine

When somebody hires designers or works with them on their teams, then they know what to ask for, how to talk to them, and the ways to evaluate their work. They can pull off minor designs in a pitch too. Individuals have to use tools like Photoshop. 

Free tools like Canva are wonderful too.

WordPress or CMS:

Many companies depend on Content Management Systems or CMS to create forms, sales pages and publish blogs. 

Digital Skills to learn in Quarantine

Early-stage startups commonly use open source platforms like WordPress for their websites. However, more established companies build their custom CMS. 

Familiarity with their functions is helpful to learn digital skills such as for someone working with content. Furthermore, one can edit, add, and publish content. 

They can edit, add, forms and build their sales pages too. 

Data Analytics and Querying:

People should get comfortable with data to become effective at digital skills. They must interpret and consult them to track their campaigns and projects’ success.

For instance, connections between an email sign up form and an SEO keyword could assist to hit monthly key performance indicators or KPIs. 

Data engineers, multiple data analysts, and even the whole departments handle the numbers in large companies. 

However, everyone has to analyze and track works himself in smaller ones. It feels like climbing Mount Everest to learn data. 

Individuals should start with Google Analytics to break it down too.

Google Analytics is the industry-standard tool to track visitor behavior and web traffic on sites. And an individual ought to get familiar with it. 

Learning little Structured Query Language or SQL takes one a long way once one is ready to dig deeper. 

People can use a database to learn more about data’s larger chunks. A database has a lot of user information.

 And anyone can ask it questions about that data as well. For instance, the percentage of users living in South America. 

SQL is an advanced tech skill that makes someone more effective in their roles and competitive in their jobs.

Digital Skills to learn in Quarantine

Video and Photo Editing Basics:

A knack of Video and Photo Editing Basics not only teaches the basic design skills. It can aid individuals in playing many roles too. 

They need visuals for everything they do, whether it is an Instagram post or a sales video. 

Digital Skills to learn in Quarantine

Basic video and photo editing skills can save a team’s money because a person can handle simple videos in-house. In particular, video editors can get pricey. 

A well-edited photo can become the difference between a blog post that someone can skip over and one that gets 100 shares. 

The fabulous news is that no one has to learn advanced tools like Photoshop or Adobe Premiere to create high-quality videos and photos.  

CRM and Marketing Automation:

Digital Marketing can feel like juggling. People must build a system that keeps customers around and attract new ones to set up a healthy marketing program.

This happens across different platforms, for example, blog posts, social media posts, podcast ads, emails, and popup forms. These do not work in isolation. 

So, individuals should keep them all in sync. Hence, these work together smoothly through marketing automation. 

People can set up if/then scenarios and workflows with marketing automation software.

Every time someone receives an email from a new person, then laptops add them to newsletters lists and trigger a welcome email.

They need automation. For this purpose, there are many tools, such as popular and robust options like Hubspot. Free email marketing tools offer a few options for automations.

Everyone can try them for free to work on their chops too. It is smart to get familiar with them.

Digital Skills to learn in Quarantine

However, automation is not about learning software alone. People must know how their marketing channels work together too. 

They ought to create flowcharts or visualizations to make sense of it. 

Customer Relationship Management tools or CRM go with marketing automation. Individuals can track important data about users with CRM. For instance, their automated workflows they have been through. 

SalesForce is a famous CRM. Everyone can give it a try as it is free. 

CRM tools and marketing automation are advanced skills to add to one’s repertoire. People learn them on-the-job. 

Junior digital marketing roles do not need advanced automation experience. However, automation chops can help them move up the ladder. 

Digital Skills to learn in Quarantine

  These are the 6 digital skills everyone can add to their tool kits.

// Digital Skills to learn in Quarantine

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