Usually, we don’t give importance to happiness and motivation over money and bank balance. However, happiness and emotions are more important because the more you have control on emotions the more you are successful because humans are emotional. There are many ways to keep yourself motivated and happy. Some of them are:


Hobby is the activity that you enjoy doing. It could be painting, cooking or making scientific things. Try to take out some time off your daily routine and dedicate it to your hobby. It will lift up your moods and flush out all of your tiredness in the form of beauty, softness, and creativity.

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It will help you to stay motivated if the painting or writing will be two to three days longer. The more you practice your hobby, the more you will be happier and the ore you will get perfect in it. Your hobby will make you more skilled and creative.

Movies and series: 

Our eyes and ears are very sharp. They sense faster than other senses. That’s the reason why millions of money is spent on movies, series and songs to attract an audience. There are so many movies and series which you can watch to keep yourselves happy. You can promise yourself to watch a movie every Saturday or Sunday to delight yourself.

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You can watch Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara if you want some break and a movie which is light-hearted. Besides, there is Wakeup Sid, Dil Dhadakne Do, Rock On and many others. Besides, you can watch series like Friends, Dhoop Kinaray, Tanhaiyaan, Ehd-e-Wafa, Alfa Bravo Charlie and many others.  


Gardening is the best way to keep yourselves motivated as it demands you to water the plants and fulfill their needs to grow them well. You can paint some pots and fit the plants in it to make the balcony heart-warming.

You can even buy some climbers and flowery plants to add some colors in the window. You can also buy seeds of vegetables plants to grow some vegetables and get a chance to pat yourself. It will help you to learn another skills and master it soon.


According to science, exercise is as important as sleep. Scientists say that eight hours of sleep can lift up your moods and help you to stay happy, fine and better all day. Same goes for exercise. Exercise, yoga and meditation can increase your concentration skills and control on emotions which result in staying happy and satisfied.

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Another skill: 

It is the world and time of the internet now. There are so many websites like Udemy, Coursera and many others which you can use to learn a skill that you crave to learn. You can learn some basics of architecture, animation, illustration, fashion designing and many others to make yourself multi-talented and skillful. 

So, these are a few ways that can keep you pleased, happy and motivated all day. At many times, we forget to take care of ourselves because of studies, work and other responsibilities but it is the most important thing to befriend yourselves and do what you love to do because once you are dead, either emotionally or physically then nothing will matter. So, live your life not pass your life. 

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