Hello ji! I bet you Punjabis Can Relate to everything down here in the article!

Pakistan is home to so many different types of people, all special in their own ways. But today, The Meraki wants to pay a special tribute to all the Punjabis out there.

If you’re a Punjabi, then stand proud and do the tunak tunak because this one goes out to you! 

So hang on tight to your glass of lassi and your plate of ghee walay parathay! Here are 5 things you’ll relate to if you’re a Punjabi

Living Life to the Fullest

 If there’s one thing I love and wish to surround myself with; is the vibe Punjabis have. Their attitude of ‘jo hona hoga wo hojayega imma just chill,’ is honestly a BIG MOOD

They honestly react to every bad situation like this:

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And we are fans of that attitude!

The most feared weapon in your house is a ‘CHITTAR’

   You’re gonna feel the pain of this one. You can probably already feel it.   Punjabi parents are usually very calm and happy…. Until you mess up.

That’s when you get the weapon which has the capability to cause more harm than an atomic bomb….. The chittar.

5 Things Only Punjabis Can Relate To

Foreign kids get a glare or are grounded, Punjabi kids get a chittar with an accurate aim courtesy of a Punjabi amma.

It’s okay, we all feel and relate to this one.

No one Leaves Your House With An Empty Stomach

No one and I mean no one gets to leave a Punjabi house until their stomach looks like they’re 5 months pregnant. Want to leave without having a meal? Here’s the answer you’ll get:

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Two things every Punjabi household has; great hospitality, and even better food. As soon as you take a bite of their mouth-watering food, you will not want to stop. Trust me.

When you have 776654 cousins and you don’t know all their names

*confused screaming as you stare at everyone in a family gathering*

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And then you’re being introduced to your chaachu ki beti ki phuppo ki cousin and your mom’s like:

“Beta yeh tou yaad hongay tmhe”

And you’re there like:

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I’m sure this is the one thing every Punjabi can relate to and don’t worry, we feel your pain and confusion

Being Melodramatic is a way of life for your mom

  When her famous chittar doesn’t work, your mom resorts to option number two:

Being melodramatic AF until you feel bad.

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Even if the situation is as small as you breaking her favorite cup. You’re getting the melodramatic nheeeeeeeee treatment. There’s no escape from it!

But in the end, despite there being so many cultures in Pakistan, Punjabi’s remains the most elite of them all! Your charisma and happy-go-lucky nature attract everyone.

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Be proud of your inner Punjabi-ness because as they say; Punjabiyaan di shaan vakhri!

Punjabi wedding song

Well, do not get mad when I say Punjabi leaves their soul from their body when think of wedding. Wedding is like a whole festival for them. Punjabi wedding song makes them little astronaut.

Punjabi wedding song are crazy, they wont think of time, place or situation, and will dance like whole world belongs to them. Even their search history will tell how much they love music when you will find “punjabi wedding song, punjabi sad song,punjabi gane or something like punjabi gane and etc.


//Punjabis Can Relate

//Punjabis Can Relate

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