Most Instagrammed Places On Earth You Must Visit

Don’t quit your day dream

To begin with, the current crisis has made it almost impossible for anyone to go out, to travel sounds more like a daydream. Whoever loves traveling and is currently locked down. We have a compilation of 5 beautiful places you must visit!(in the post corona world) You will surely add them in your bucket lists, but for now let’s enjoy the privilege of living in a global village. Let’s roam around the world today! Most Instagrammed Places On Earth You Must Visit


Definitely an island of your dreams! Bali is an Indonesian island and a destination every beach lover would sure wanna witness. It has everything you’re looking for- beaches with their golden sand to stun your eyes, the great sea to calm your soul. Historical landmarks for your culture-loving heart, and variety of lively market places for all the fun to begin. A variety of sports- skydiving, surfing etc are there to welcome your inner sportsman and calm the longing of wanting an adventure!

5 Most Instagrammed Places You Must Visit

Go surf in Kuta, visit the temples, enjoys climbing trees at the Treetop Adventure Park, or go for surfing at the sea. There is an array of thrilling activities which will never let a moment go dull! There is a yoga barn for relaxing if you are tired and cooking classes to let your acquire some Indonesian skills! Watch local dances, explore the paddy fields, have fun at the zoo, or maybe you would love to visit the Indonesian cocoa factories!

5 Most Instagrammed Places You Must Visit

There is a never ending list of things to make your forget how dull life could have been!


When I first saw the pictures of this mesmerizing place, I thought it was an edit. Never knew that a place as gorgeous as Cappadocia existed on the face of this earth.

It is a semi-arid region in Turkey, with distinctive rock formations looking like fairy chimneys. Hundreds of colourful hot air balloons float above your head at sunrise each morning, making you feel like you are still in a dream!

Just imagine, pink, orange, lilac sky with beautifully patterned balloons, your best person by your side, sitting on a high mountain top, witnessing all the beauty in the world with your naked eye! Yes, it’s true and yes, it exists!

You can hike at the Red valley and the Rose valley while you immerse yourself in the sunset/sunrise view! Fly in the hot air balloons, visit the love valley or the museums or spend the sunrise at the Lover’s hill. There are so many valleys to explore and yet an underground village still needs to be seen by you! The beautiful Pink Salt Lake; Lake Tuz will make your travel experience surreal!

5 Most Instagrammed Places You Must Visit


An old city in Japan now attracts tourists from all around the world! Koyoto was one of the few cities in the world which remained unaffected by the destructiveness of WWII, hence it has its history and culture as preserved as anything! The Fushimi Inari Shrine has to offer bright aesthetics to your eyes. Climb the hilltop to witness.

Have a closer look at Buddhist history as you visit the ancient temples. Enjoy the true essence of Japanese traditions when you watch their theaters.

In the markets and street stalls, the exotic Japanese cuisine waits to melt on your taste buds. Stroll through the gardens and forests and feel the most alive you have ever felt. Kyoto is enriched will culture and tradition for you to see and feel the bliss of japanese heritage.


Are you a super friendly extrovert, always excited to meet new people? If yes, then the friendly citizens of vietnam await to welcome you! A perfect combination of good food, good view, exciting places and everything attractive for tourists and travellers.

5 Most Instagrammed Places You Must Visit

The local markets are amazing places to visit and take pretty pictures with attractive settings. Watch the old Vietnam art as you stay there, it is called the Water puppet show! Something really amusing to see.

The relaxation you need is provided at the beautiful, scenic beaches and to satisfy your street food craving, you would love to eat old-style street food in Hanoi as you join the Vietnamese food tour.

The golden bridge is a mind blowing view. It is fairly a new addition but other old architectures and temples would still be as pleasing to see as this one.The vietnamese valleys and lakes hold so much to explore. Live for months and months and still a corner would remain undiscovered.

5 Most Instagrammed Places You Must Visit


Where beauty meets the eye and peace occupy the heart, such a place is called The Neelum Valley-Azad Kashmir. We might be awestruck by the artificial beauty and manpower to create it all over the world, but praise is to god all alone when it comes to Pakistan.

5 Most Instagrammed Places You Must Visit

Serene, calm tender, beautiful, aesthetically appealing and heart-throbbing are still fewer adjectives to explain how astounding it is. Sit with your cup of tea or coffee as you absorb a part of nature within you. It’s all about relaxing and settling the chaos in your distracted soul.

Visit the parks, climb the hills, enjoy every inch of nature in the place. Revive your spirit as you praise the bounties of nature. Lose yourself in the green beauties to find the long lost peace.

5 Most Instagrammed Places You Must Visit

Travel the world but nothing like Pakistan I bet you!

Here we go to an end of the list of Most Instagrammed Places On Earth You Must Visit!

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