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With schools closed, offices and industries shut, restaurants no longer serving, public places and pathways vacant due to the ongoing lock down for the global Pandemic that we know as COVID-19.

Any other day, who would complain spending their day all day home, having to do nothing but procrastinate or socialize on digital platforms, but having it become your daily routine for God knows how long – it has become more or less of a nightmare.

There’s only so much one can do on the phone in these trying times where every other post is more depressing than the last one because it holds increasing figures of affected patients around the world – which is a constant reminder of how alarming this situation gets with each passing day.

Take a deep breath. Literally. Feel a little better? 

Stressed because can’t go out? Well… 

“Keep reading. It’s one of the most marvelous adventures that anyone can have.”


Now sit back and think over When was the last time you read a good book?

Literature has always been considered a leisurely pastime and a little book reading will not only help calm your nerves but is also believed to be therapeutic in dire times. It’s finally time to make lemonade out of life’s lemons.

I know it’s hard for you to sit all day long, glued to your couch, scrolling through upsetting social media posts. So I am here with some amazing Pakistani book recommendations for you all to read during your quarantine. // Books to read in quarantine

I bring you a small collection of Urdu and English books written by Pakistani Authors, belonging to different genres and ethics, in hopes of finding you, your next favorite book. Have a look at them and let me know through your feedback if this article helps.

1. Haalim by Nemrah Ahmed 

Haalim is the most recent publication by the well-known author, Nemrah Ahmed who is well-loved for writing one of the bestsellers in Urdu literature “Jannat kay Pattey” and her other books “Mushaf” “Pahari ka qaidi” “Namal” are equally adored by Pakistani readers.

Haalim is a brilliant political thriller, exceptionally penned down. It’s a modern-day science fiction with a lot of time traveling and Malaysian history. It was first published in episodic form in a digest but It has now been combined and comes in 2 volumes. 

5 books to read by Pakistani authors in Quarantine

This is the story of a scammer, a bodyguard and a Politician. This is the story of a slave, a historian and a princess of Malaysian Kingdom. This is the story of a King maker, a writer and a prominent party head.

This is the story of a culprit, a secret lover and a husband. This is the story of a murderer, a celebrity star anchorperson, and a Prime Minister… but above all, it is a story of dreams, ambitions, achievements, kingdoms, power, crime, betrayal, broken hearts, dark pasts, and uncertain futures. // Books to read in quarantine

2. The merman and the book of power by Musharraf Ali Farooqi 

Musharraf Ali Farooqi is a Pakistani writer, translator, and storyteller. Farooqi was among the five writers shortlisted for Asia’s most prestigious literary prize in 2012. He is the author of “Between Clay and Dust: A Novel”The Story of a Widow”Salar Jang’s Passion”

5 books to read by Pakistani authors in Quarantine

The merman and the book of Power is Musharraf’s latest publication, An extraordinary publication in Pakistani Anglophone fiction. It’s a Qissa about magical mythical creatures, Ill-starred lovers and an ancient phenomenon that might bring the world to its end, adorned with excellent illustrations of the creatures mentioned in the narrative, inspired from the Qazwini’s famous ‘Marvels of Things Created and Miraculous Aspects of Things Existing’… to continue reading full review, click here 

The unbridled romance of love and pain by Safinah D. Elahi 

Safinah’s debut poetry book is not one of those typical one line Instagram caption poems that you see making rounds on social media but it’s well-knitted collection of heartwarming poems about different aspects of one’s life // Books to read in quarantine

5 books to read by Pakistani authors in Quarantine

This book entails poems about love, loss, joy, pain, wanderlust, friendship, womanhood, motherhood and talks about dreams, hopes, ambitions, self-doubts, self-love, sacrifice and heartache. The poems are beautifully crafted, the theme well thought. One thing I loved most was the diversity of subjects enclosed in such short poems.

Fixing by Humaira Amjad 

Humaira – an amazing poet from Multan – pens down powerful poems about the phases of a girl’s life. ⁣How a girl, in her teenage – dependent on her father, craves for that unrequited feeling of love that she has only seen in movies or read about in books.

Then, she grows up and finally holds the hands of a man that is not her father. Then there comes a phase when her heart is broken and her hopes shattered. It’s that phase where she must learn to accept her marvellousness.

It’s that phase where she must need to understand that her power lies beyond one person. And then comes the phase when she’s stronger than she’s ever been. She is bold and independent and she knows it

5 books to read by Pakistani authors in Quarantine

The quintessential fat girl by Hina Shamsi 

Hina Shamsi’s debut novel is an amazing fun addition in Pakistani literature. TGFG is equal parts inspiring and funny because the events in this story resonate so well with the typical stereotypical Pakistani society.

I loved reading something so true and relatable, seeing the protagonist shift through one mood swing to another in a matter of seconds, facing remarks about her appearance and weight, wanting to put a stop to the double standards but giving in at times and trying to adjust to the rotten societal norms.⁣

5 books to read by Pakistani authors in Quarantine

So Let’s make your quarantine days fun by reading any of the above-mentioned books. I kid you not when I say these are some beautiful creations by our national authors and they deserve all the praise and appreciation.

Pakistani Literary industry is struggling to get the attention it deserves, We need to own our writers and their books. Let us step forward to revive Pakistani literature.

And don’t forget to keep yourself – and those around you – safe (and remember, we are all in this together)

Happy Reading, Happy Quarantine!

// Books to read in quarantine

Featured Writer: Rawa Rabail. Find her on Instagram @_thatgirlwiththebook to read book reviews of the mentioned books

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