• Is 2020 an unlucky year?
  • 20s or the plague-ties
  • So does this mean 2020 is not an unlucky year?

Covid 19, PIA plane crash, deaths ad sickness of close ones, extreme rain and flooded city, and deaths of our favorite celebrities. Can this year be worse? I don’t know! May be! Maybe not!  All we can do is hope that this unlucky year turns to become a lucky one.

unlucky year
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Other than praying for the future of 2020, we are also in a continuous debate whether the year is unlucky or it is just that the times are unfortunate. Whichever it is, there are a few view points and facts to check before we get to any conclusion.

Various unfortunate events happened this year not just in our country but also globally. With the deaths, and disease, and plane crashes, and the bombs not to forget. We all definitely need some break from this sad time, but before that let’s end the discussion if 2020 is an unlucky year or not?

Is 2020 an unlucky year?

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2020 in YouTube comments
unlucky year comments

There have been constant controversial debates revolving around the question that if 2020 is an unlucky year. Well, there have been many theories that have been put forward.

Many of these theories suggest that the disasters that we’ve met in the past few months of this year are because of the year. That the year is unlucky. People are conspiring theories like these and trying to make them factual based on facts that are half true.

On the other hand, we also see people who are saying that the year has got nothing to do with the miseries we are bearing. It is not fair to say that a year can be responsible for certain events or incidents.

However, people keep connecting the dots and making suggestions that we are facing issues due to 2020.

20s or the plague-ties

One of the conspiracy theory that raised the most, globally, when Covid 19 came, was that it was because it was the 20th year of the century. Because it is an unlucky year.

YES. Yes, this was what people said. You know why? Because of one meme. It became a fact that the 20th year of each century has always came with a disaster, epidemic, or plague. This means that a plague occurs after every 100 years.

Don’t believe me. Check out this meme.

unlucky year meme
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This meme is completely true. These plagues did occur in these years. All these years can be termed as an unlucky year. However, there are more reasons attached to it. These reasons tell us why this is just a meme or myth and cannot become a fact.

For one, two of these plagues did not really start in the year but before it. They just continued to exist in the years that were 20th year of that century. Secondly, the diseases were big, but not in comparison with many other plagues and epidemics that humans faced before or after these plagues.

Lastly, the meme tries to make a pattern which is not possible because there were many more plagues in between these years. Due to these reasons we can say that the pattern that is tried to develop in this meme is not following a pattern exactly.

So does this mean 2020 is not an unlucky year?

Well, we can say that just because the theory of plagues and centuries is not proven, we cannot deny the whole discussion on that basis. The discussion is still whether 2020 is an unlucky year.

Nevertheless, we cannot negate the point that this is more of a superstition or a myth than a fact. The year did bring a lot of undeniable miseries. But, the question we must ask is that what if it wasn’t the year 2020? What if it was 2019? Or 2021? Or any other year for that matter of fact?

Would these events not have had occurred? Would it be that we would’ve not faced the pandemic? Would everything would’ve been normal?

The answer is no. Of course! Without doubt it is no. Come on! You know it wouldn’t have mattered if it was some other year right now. If it was something that had to happen around this time, it would’ve happened anyway. It wouldn’t have waited for a year to come first.

Henceforth, we can say that though we cannot predict how many miseries we have to go through still, what we can say without doubt is that 2020 is not an unlucky year.

unlucky year predictions
Mocking predictions for the year 2020
unlucky year predict

It is just a mere bunch of unfortunate coincidences that co-exists at this time!

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