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The Cruel Prince by Holly Black // A Book Review by Minahil Naghman

The Cruel Prince by Holly Black // A Book Review by Minahil Naghman I hate him so much that...

TWO-Gulzar // A book review by Iqra Aziz

The trans-literal post colonial novel “Two” is all about the grim and harsh realities of the Partitioning of Indian Subcontinent. This partition movement is probed and anatomized by the lens of Refugees known as Sharanarthis. The book explores about the psychic traumas and identity crisis of the refugees after the partition. It highlights the issues of settling down of refugees after the havoc and chaos of partition. Seventy years have passed but till now the refugees are in process of settling down with their nostalgic minds ,broken hearts and down trodden lost identities. These common people have suffered the wrath of partition that has crushed millions of innocent lives .These refugees are both physically and metaphorically in search of a place called home .

آخری حد // ہالہ رفیق

آخری حد // ہالہ رفیق سمائے عشق ہو اور ہم نہ سننے آئیں دلبر کو

Happiness Returns // Aimen Iqbal

Happiness Returns // Aimen Iqbal The dusk came, Lost all its hues, the sky

Play of fate // Safa F. Aamir

Play of fate // Safa F. Aamir Welcome audience to the play of fate, Directed exceptionally by...