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لِسّان // لاریب رضوی

لِسّان // لاریب رضوی 2 قسط    چار سال   °°°°°° زندگی خوشگوار گزر رہی تھی وقت کی رفتار تیز ھوگئ تھی۔ اُس حسین سمندر کی صبح کو گزرے چار برس بیت گئے تھے۔ کئ لوگوں کی نظریں بدلیں اور دنیا کی نظارے بھی بدلے نہیں بدلا تو اسکا پچھتاوا اور اس کی دل کی […]

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Effective Ways to Deal with Depression // Khulood Mushtaq

Effective Ways to Deal with Depression // Khulood Mushtaq Depression… It’s difficult to tell what one soul goes through. It’s being dead inside but you bring life to your soul by not giving up hope .Its being color blind and constantly told how colorful the  world is. A tough battle to fight fears, insecurities and […]

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Chaotic Relations // Iqra Aziz

                              Chaotic Relations // Iqra Aziz Cold enough for warm feelings                               Hellish enough for angelic feelings                               Alien enough for dearly feelings                               Obfuscate enough for crystallite feelings                               Tortuous enough for comfy feelings                               Ill enough for sane feelings                                Cystic enough for germinating  feeling                               Raucous enough for dulcet feelings                                Estrange enough for  intimate   feelings                               Lonely enough for homely […]

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