(We spend our lives surrounded by so many dark secrets which keep on pulling us down in the valley of fright. This silence, like a snake, crawls up  and clenches our vocal cords with such strength that it kills our souls leaving us all dead yet living. But now it’s time we scream our ways out of it and break the chains which are holding us down.)

A fragmented picture, broken glass

Cutting through skin like blades of brass

Ebbing and aching beats

Rusty eyes of menacing beasts

With each falling leaf of time

This world is experiencing a decline

Moral, mental, emotional strive

Mourning souls

Lamenting spirits of devil’s reverie

the bond of humanity has lost its strength

blood and flesh darkness, intense

with claws of lust clenching the throat

filthy hands of odious shoat

requiem for humanity has been set

in rows of death and stingy sweat

Zainab, Kainat Asma or Fatima

And all the fallen stars of the sky

Awaits the world to unravel why?

The shadows of smut and winds of vice

Painted their bodies and filled their eyes

Those angels of heavens paid the price

Of silence that melted our words like ice

This coldness of heart could freeze you to death

Wake up, speak or you might be next


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