Through the smoke, this city, I wander

Where I had you in all my tomorrows

I look for you in every crowd, in every street

Now you’re lost, lost somewhere within


I sit alone on the edge of my sanity

With my arms scribbled with razor marks

I look for me in every cut, in every scar

Now I’m chained, chained to my past


I sob tip toeing on faded memories

Connecting past dots to unravel this pain

I look for words in piercing tears, in every night

Now I’m waiting, waiting for my end that’s nigh


I know if I can endure this pain for a day

The eternal darkness that’s corrupting my mind

I look for serenity in every sunset, in every day

Now I’m searching, searching for lucidity to live by


I have learned to realise my past cannot be tamed

Eyes locked like Gatsby on a green light of hope

I look for high tides, in every ripple, in every wave

Now I’m surfing, surfing to my shore of delight


My heart spells freedom, a beckoning beyond

I have tangled the strings for the puppeteer within

I look for keys for every lock, for every bolt

Now I’m breaking, breaking these chains of remorse

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