A Note to the Dear Society,

The day when you were born there was the smile all around the doctor face but the day when I was born there was sympathy clicking on the doctor’s face that I was not allowed to breathe here.
The moment when the nurse told the Baba about my birth news, he shed the tears of grief and anger that he has made some mistake.
When she handed me to my mother, she refused to carry me as I was a threat to her cruel plan.
When there was a rush of greeting and naming of other newborn in the fellow rooms, I was sobbing in a cradle with no name and identity.
When the hospital discharged me, I faced rejection from the hands who gave me the life but welcome by the unfamiliar palms of the same origin.
As days passed that unfamiliar palms became my sole family, they tried to give me education but the gender biased school didn’t allow me.
My life breathed in the happiness of births, in the insults of normal beings and the blush of other faces, but I always feel myself in the room of culinary.
Then culinary became my goal, I wasn’t accepted for diploma by the normal beings, so I try to open a cafe in an NGO based college, they finally accepted my request after trying for months.
They took my trial, and I was all set to explore my normal life. The first week was a black spot, no single student entered into my area like eating my food was a sin, but gradually they accepted me. Tons of items purchased but more important me the gave me the respect like a normal being. I started making respectable living through honest means.
In this journey, I lost myself so many times but my spirit never dies.
I set all my wearable as tomorrow is the first day of my diploma course.

Anmol, A trans gender entrepreneur


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