We all had heard and we still hear that ‘there is a time for something’ but today, our society and our elders misinterpret this sentence for ‘there is an age for everything’. If some 45 year old woman wants to complete her studies, then she cannot do that, because she, as a member of Indian society will first think that ‘what will society think and say?’ What we want to do in our life matters and not what people say and we know this but still due that bent of mindset, before doing anything, we always consider what others will say and think. It’s our life and we are responsible and answerable for it and not others, our choices and happiness matters but still that ‘society’ word then comes in our life. The remote of our life is in the hands of that few people who will gossip about us tomorrow and that matters more than our happiness, and this is the definition of an Indian society and its mindset. It’s 21st century and we should think upon this mindset and need to break the chains of fear of “What Society Will Say And Think About Us”.

We had defined certain duties for everyone, like, a married woman will only handle the house and do only household work, and only male can work and earn. Like, poor will work hard and rich will work smart. We are living in the society of rules and not laws, which are BARRIERS. According to many people, we have age for everything, like, children below 13years needs to play more, people between 13-25 years needs to make their career and just study and work, girls after 27years and boys before 30 years have to marry, etc. but these rules are no where mentioned in laws and we cannot live on the basis of others experience, if we live like that then we will never learn, grow and experience differently. Everyone is different, everyone’s situations and problems and lifestyles are different, then how come one live on the basis of others experience? Why in an Indian society one cannot study after his/her 30s? Why in this mindset one cannot marry whenever he/she wants after 18 years of age, which the law says is satisfactory age of marriage for girls and for boys 21years? Why people will gossip and why we need to even listen that? People after certain time are free, and cannot think of themselves for a better life so they gossip about others life, comment on it and interfere in it and think that they can make a change in others life. But actually, no one is concerned about anyone, we are just competing in an invisible race and want to win that in anyway.

Maybe this new generation understands this and that’s why they raise their voice which the old generation and others say ’Badtmeezi’. We need to break the chains of mindset of what others think about us. We need to live our dreams and not of others( even our family and other close ones). We need to fight for our happiness because we came here to live and be happy. And at last, we need to break all those invisible chains of society and let our remote of our control be in our hands and not the society or others.

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