Colorful wonder and spirals of art. Sparkling ideas and shining creativity. Beautiful and enchanting is a mind of a child filled to the brim with exciting new thoughts and questions. Often you see a child claiming to want to be an artist or a writer even a makeup artist or a musician and everybody amuses these ideas if only to make the child happy.

When the kids become older, their ideas begin to get crushed by the people ignorant to beauty. They say that the child should grow up and focus on a proper subject rather than the fancy of a child for people in this country do not care for such silly things and he or she will be poor.

But some kids still try and pursue their dreams and when their grades start slipping, their family now tells them to get their head out of the clouds of a childhood fantasy. They tell them to grow up and study something useful, not something that the poor do.

Tell me why do you shatter their dreams and constantly try to break them and torment their creativity? Can you not see its what makes them happy and its what they were meant to do? You judge people on their grades and how well they perform on a stupid piece of paper. You judge a person by the numbers he or she gets and which university or school they get to enter. You judge someone by what you think is their intelligence and IQ.

Well you’re wrong because the true colors and the true personality of a person cannot be measured by a mere number and those red lines on the piece of paper. You cannot tell how good a person is or how smart they are by how well they perform on biology, physics or any other subject.

The reality is that everyone is different and how you think one person should be, doesn’t mean everyone else is like that person too. What you think is right, may be completely wrong in someone else. This nexus of ignorance is what is causing children these days to commit suicide.

You plant so much pressure on them in the name of healthy pressure and get shocked to see them breaking under its weight. You discourage them and drag them away from what they want to do in life and are surprised when they give up and then you call them weak or ungrateful.

Stop killing their creativity. Stop shadowing them and let them make their own decisions. If you try to hold sand, the harder you try to hold on to it, the more escapes. If a mother bird does not throw her baby birds out of the nest, they don’t learn to fly and soar. If you don’t give them freedom and choice to do what they think is right, whenever they fail further ahead in life, they will always blame you for it.

So, let them spread their wings and let them fly where they want and onto the path that they see right for themselves. Break this nexus of ignorance that only the people with good grades will be able to accomplish something in life.

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