As the lonely days go by

And I see your memories around

And the shadows don’t say why

But they stick around


Those crazy love songs

Mock my heart

And those stupid sad songs

Give the tears a start


Why were you so

Careful and gentle

And why were you then

Spiteful and brutal


Why did you smile

With those dimples, so beautiful

Then why did you look so

Cold and painful

The memories, they shatter my heart


My heart forbade me to let go

You said you loved me but did you

The spark inside me died too

Couldn’t you see that I needed you


Why were you so

Cautious and delightful

And why were you then

Ruthless and hurtful


Why did you do

Those goofy performances

And why did you do

Those heartless accomplishments

The memories, they shatter my heart


So here I stand

With my heart in my hands

If you were so like that

Then why did you do what you did?

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