Dear Misee,

Speaking of your nickname lemme call you ‘Misee’ instead of ‘Misery’. I am aware that you get annoyed when I do that to your meaningful name but I’d see my own joy and comfort in calling you Misee. It’s just what I am calling you out of love and affection so pardon me for that. I like using nicks in letters you remember I also call ‘Faith’, ‘Faithy’ hahaha. Thank God that he doesn’t mind it anymore.

Anyway, hope you are doing great Misee. It’s been a long time I haven’t felt your existence. You were beside me when even my own shadow left accompanying me. I appreciate your existence very much because your once presence now turned to absence has taught me to appreciate blessings that I relish every day. I was lost back in the past when I had you, you used to haunt me every day and I used to think I’d die of you.

I used to think people die of cancer and I’d die of you, hilarious enough right? It was just another version of you, another version of misery but finally, a day came when I accepted your existence and as soon as I left lamenting and accepted you, you were nowhere to be seen any more after that.

You were there because I had lost things I once loved very much but as soon as past was replaced by present I started realizing that life is not all about things we love it’s about tasting you, the misery, it’s about relishing the losses as much as we embrace the gains, it’s about loving one self out of horrible mischief and regrettable sins. That’s how we learn to live way better.

Now just imagine if I had a life with no share of you at all what would have I learned then? Living would have been so much boring and life would have taken me to a state of mania and of course as much as depression kills a human so is Mania. For sure I or anyone else would have never liked to be a maniac.

So, today I in my complete senses confess that I appreciate your existence and I have no complaints about you. My Heart also likes you hey! Right hearty??? Look Hearty is saying despite wounds you gave him, he is now stronger than before and he has realized your importance.

Late but at the right time me and my heart no longer loath you. You have always been a good teacher. We could have been good students by being grateful at the time when you were with us but that’s really okay life has much more to offer even if it’s another version of you.

You will see a different treatment if you ever come again and I expect your arrival because it’s life and it never remains smooth all the time so far Life is there we get even share of crest (Good days) and trough (bad days full of you, misery)

So, take care I am not at all missing you because that would be ungrateful of me for the blessings I am having right now but believe me, whenever you happen to me again you would find a different me.

Your Loather, oh! I am aware that’s not even a word any way I was saying,

Your Loather, now Applauder

Who else that could be?


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