I said no to love

I yelled, ‘Away with you, you lovely beast,

I have a heart of stone with an iron will,

I don’t want a single piece of your haunted dreams.’

I nurtured my hopelessness with the water of disbelieve

I flourished in the soil of ambiguity and in the shade of grief

I was alive and at ease as I survived the day to day difficulties

I had no wish to move beyond this mind-numbing feels.

But that wretched love followed me around like the moon

It was behind every window, every word and every tree

It stalked  me to the point that I screamed again

‘I have a heart of stone with an iron will,

Your tricks won’t make me fall in that void,

That is home to all crazies and diseased,

I am better here, where my emotions stay freeze,

I have no weakness and I am not ill at ease.’

But love came in the form of water droplet

It fell on my heart and kept falling at it.

Then it came in the shape of a burning flame

It lit my will and stayed that way.

The days hugged the dusk and nights kissed the dawn

And the persistent love kept knocking on the door,

Sometimes like fire and sometimes like drops

My stony heart cracked in two,

My iron will melt into a river,

I opened myself to the feeling of love

I decided to breathe in the air of delight.

But the water had now changed its route

And the fire had burnt its course

So love moved to another victim

Leaving me to survive with no hope

In the abyss of other haunted souls.

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