Blossoms bloom for fragile hearts

Daisies bloom for hope unended

Light shimmers through the curtains

Carefully shone and beautifully tended


Lilies shower with humility

Prosperity under peonies flowers

Wisdom shows in glowing spirits

Insight in the deeper powers


Looking at roses beauty never-ending

White showing sorrow and breaking

Red showing love pretending

Love for beauty and beauty ending


Wait in the meadow of delicate colours

Look at the beauty hereunder

Shower the sea of lacy petals

Perfection and no room for blunder


Wait for me as you look around

Wait as the beauty astounds

Meaning and reason coming allowed

Into your mind filled with ignorant clouds


Then see as I come around

Hair held in a crown of daisies

You look and now you’re bound  

Silly giggles of the hidden fairies


Sky blue eyes and light brown locks

Silent but I see you’re shocked

That tiny feeling in your heart knocks

And with that feeling, you’ll be locked

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