In a blink of an eye, it all began rolling…

At first, I didn’t absorb and felt like escaping

It is easy to look around but difficult to notice

I was one of those birds, unaware how to fly!


More time passed when sun rose again…

After a numb state of darkness saw my eyes a gleaming light

Considering the sunshine, this novel phase in life was one of a kind!

Sunshades? Just then I did not bother wearing.


I hugged to it so tight, thought this is going to last…

With pleasure, I embraced the times happy and persistent,

I figured my beautiful wings wide, apart from the odds I went fleeing!

Around is it the real world or am I only dreaming?


They tell me it is now a whole new twelvemonth,

Realized not so much how a year went by…

Lucky, calendars only change but within times sustain…

With the hopes held high and love for treasuring memories,

All the way from the moments well blended,

let us all get into our own New Beginnings!


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