I’d like to end 2018 on a heartfelt note from me to the one reading this:
In 2019,  I pray you to let go of the ones who give you nothing but pain and discomfort.
I pray that your life fills with nothing but happiness and contentment.
I pray for the students who suffer in silence, those who try their best yet fail.
May you get through this year with resilience and get the results you’ve hoped for. I pray for the ones who are struggling to get into college or the ones who are struggling to get through their semester in university. I pray, this year, we learn to be more compassionate towards each other. I pray that you find your long-lost lover and the courage to follow your dreams.
I pray you to learn to appreciate everything that’s in your life, including the good and the bad, the dark times and the happy times. I pray, this year, you feel good enough and remind yourself that you are loved. I pray that you may find happiness in the smallest of things like the way your morning coffee swirls in your cup and the smile of your dog when he sees you after a long day at work.
This year, I pray that you find the talents hidden deep inside you that are waiting to be discovered.
I want you to know, nothing comes easy. 
Especially the things you want the most. 
Maybe that’s why they hold so much value, our dreams. 
This year, I hope, from the bottom of my heart, us girls would lift each other up instead of tearing one another down. I know, it might sound cliche, but kindness won’t cost you a thing. Neither would a smile. This year, I pray that you get all that you deserve and the ability to forgive those who have wronged you. We’re all human beings and human beings aren’t perfect. It’s about time we understood that. Life’s too short to hold grudges.
If you’ve lost a loved one this year, I pray, may God grant you and your family peace.
If you’ve failed, don’t worry there’s always a second chance. If not second, then third. Just keep trying. Nothing comes easy.
This year I aspire to be more compassionate and less judgmental towards those who are less privileged than I am. I aspire to read more books and gain more knowledge. I aspire to work hard to achieve my goal. This year, I aspire to be more forgiving to the ones who’ve hurt me and less envious of those who are more privileged than I am.
I aspire to improve my writing skills and helps others through my words. I aspire to improve my creativity and imagination.
This year, I aspire to love, love and love.
Love the ones who  hate me,
love the ones who insult me,
love the ones who abuse me and love the ones who need love the most.
This year,
I aspire to be a better version of myself
I hope
you would too.

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