To Dear Meraki Family,

Hello Family Members, I want to start with how proud I am to have people like you in my literary circle. You guys have given your best to make the brand The Meraki as it is today. Every single one of you is awesome. It takes a lot of time to find even one of such special person but I am so happy that we have so many talented, affectionate and empathic people under one umbrella. You guys have made me proud and trust me the management of Team Meraki is also very proud of you. I wish you all a very Happy New Year.
It wasn’t easy to manage a magazine like this, especially with most of us are dealing with studies and jobs. It got really hard at times and we know we have disappointed you at times but today we start by apologizing to those who we were unable to keep up with expectations. It is that we are always doing a lot at the backend and it wasn’t all easy, it gets messy, we fight a lot in times of pressure to keep up with your expectations. We are always trying to keep up with your expectations. Umang worries a lot and he tries to make sure no one in management gets easy on team Meraki while our editors, Maryam, Alina and Jaweria are doing a non-stop job to keep the quality of work maintained. Shruti is also making her efforts to deal with everything here and there and is managing stuff. Mubashar, our website manager is a silent guardian angel who makes sure everything is there properly and he did a great job getting our site back from hackers when it got hacked. About my job as a graphic designer and a person to pick images for your piece by reading your lovely stories, I hope I haven’t disappointed anyone of you. We are always doing our best for you guys. We lack a lot and we fail at times but thank you guys for having faith in us. We are learning to do things the better way and everything is a new experience for us. We really appreciate the positivity from you guys and we really hope that you guys will stick with us for long and keep on supporting us and highlighting our mistakes to make sure that The Meraki Magazine can excel.

On the other side, we are really proud of writers that are writing regularly. It is unfair to mention names here because that would be sad for those who I will miss because all of you are awesome. I do keep a list of my favorite writers and I try to praise all of you guys on your excellent work. I would love to mention Minahil a.k.a Wanderer.In.The.Cosmos here for being our youngest writer and being the most regular writer. I really love to read your work, every single one of you guys. You guys have no idea that you all are not only amazing writers but have the quality of world-class writers and if you guys can keep your writing spirit alive and challenge yourself, Inshallah you all will be published and the bestselling writers in near future.
I wish you all a Happy New Year
loads of love and support from my side

Zohaib Ahmed

Your HOD Of Graphic Design
Author of Phoenix Legion & the dark occults


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