Pack my bags, remind me of that place again,
I am out on a mission today.
Wanderlust is calling me, I need to go.
I am done with the people who stole my spirit away.
I’ll maybe cry on my way but I’ll move on,
My never-ending journey awaits me.
And while these leaves fall on the ground,
I’ll be reminded constantly, my fall.
I’ll wither, I’ll fade, I’ll perish but you will remember my footsteps
All of you; you saw me, remember my name as I walk out of this space.

I am not grounded anymore, I am as free as one could ever be.

No! I am not your puppet, I am not your person I am exactly where I am supposed to be, roaming.

Everywhere is my land, no boundaries in between I am wandering, happily absorbing all beauty.

Listen! Listen to the music of swishing leaves and my songs Chirping of birds and the melodious tunes. My eyes are bestowed with holiness and heart has become open My flight helps me to close my eyes and find peace in silence.

It has so much to say and I have so much to hear No weight on my shoulders, no heavy burden on my soul.

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