How sadly beautiful,
That I’d not known this feeling,
If there were never a wound,
Not even the joy I experience today,
Could have kept the past from hurting.
The number of my falls does not count,
Because my inner man is determined,
more than ever.
My strength is renewed,
Like a mighty ocean.
But this is not the end of me because,
I shall rise again.
They want to see me bruised and broken,
Bowed down with shame.
They may crack my soul.
But even the rainbow would never see the,
light of day ,without a little rain.
In me now, I find peace.
Like the chant of an unknown
Your words echo in my ears,
Strangle I will not in the betrayal knot.
I shall rise again.
Like the ashes turn to flame,
Like the day arises from dark night,
Like the trees grow from seeds,
Like the sun which never dies.
I shall rise again.
I shall rise after every fall,
Because only when you’re broken,
You know the gracious feeling of healing.
Because where the hurt lingers,
Is where the light enters.
Because every vicious storm was,
once preceded by a beautiful sky.
We’re all wired to fall and to rise back up,
Always one more time.

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