Dig me a grave,

I need to bury my regrets,

Get lost in our moments,

Those tiny specks of life,


I recall the days,

When you were just mine,

Our heartbeats were in sync,

Humming the song of our love,


I could not decipher.

This enigma of goodbye,

You left me too soon,

Fell for the angel of death,


I wish I could time travel.

Hold on to what I had,

Tell you that I am sorry,

I did try my best,


I’ll rise with a new hope,

Smothering the embers of remorse,

For I was just a sunflower,

And you were my sunshine,


Froze the droplets of happiness,

From the stream of your memories,

For all that is good in this world,

That you’ve showed me to live by,


I am still learning to levitate,

Through this Andromeda of fear,

Jumping trenches of loneliness,

Reconciling my life with joy,


Magnifying the happiness around me,

Showcasing my will to live high,

I’ve embarked on a personal mission,

To make peace with your void,


You asked me to be strong,

For when the last of your life comes,

So I’m respecting your last wish,

By living life at the fullest.

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