You used your words to wound me,

pushed me to the ground.

You prospered to inflict upon me

the depths of suffering.

You doomed me in darkness,

disrupted my serenity,

left me stuck in the cycle of dejection.

My insecurities were accentuated,

my hopes one by one extinguished,

my passions wrecked,

and my dignity obliterated.

When you placed me in the profundity of affliction,

disheartened and condemned me,

I was convinced I was feeble and helpless.

You broke my confidence, but I returned with great force,

I took my time to heal but I rose,

I experienced every inch of despondency,

but I stood back up, proving that

Every time you stomp on me,

every time you break me apart,

I shall come back, rising above, with a much greater force.

You undermine me but I won’t stay underneath,

for your biggest delusion is that I am weak.

You mistake my silence for fragility,

you attempt to seize my joy,

but I am accustomed to this cruel world so don’t worry about me,

I shall fight and I shall rise again, from hell and back.

Don’t mistake me for being vulnerable,

for I have bore the toughest of times,

the most unfortunate of circumstances,

hence I shall rise above the storms you throw my way,

I shall rise above again, from the shackles of purgatory.

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