I fell on a white bench placed in the park from the twig of the tree touching the sky. As soon as I changed the color even the tree separated me from itself.  I could see my life was ending. They say we, the leaves, die when we fall from the tree but no, we don’t die instantly we go through few more worst things such as, we lay helpless on the rocky or smooth paths, we are crushed under the feet of human beings and they call it ‘beautiful autumn days’. They cherish it, they enjoy us being crushed mercilessly under their feet but it’s not their fault it’s our fate we are ultimately destined to it no matter how green we are in good spring days we are supposed to fall and suffer in autumn days, ‘the beginning of the end’.
Well unlike other leaves I’ve a different story to tell you that day fortunately I fell on the bench. A girl dressed in white jeans and red shirt very beautiful and adorable came walking from a distance and sat near me. She had a book in her hand. The title was ‘I adore autumn’
She sat beside me opened the book and started reading it what a stupid taste she had because I hate autumn as with the arrival of autumn our end starts to begin and human beings adore it they call it nature and its beauty. “Pathetic” I said I could not hold it any more inside me. I had to say something. The girl looked up from the book she looked right and left and thought it was just something wrong with her ears and started reading again. “It’s pathetic. You also adore autumn? Don’t you?” I questioned louder than before. This time she almost jumped aside. “Hey! Who’s that?” she asked “It’s me” I replied “You? Is it a dream? Leaves don’t talk” she couldn’t hold her astonishment. “Well well well we also own a life like you does and we also have feelings it’s just that we don’t talk to humans” I said explaining myself to her. She seemed a little relaxed now and she kept staring me. “So, would you reply my question?” I again asked “Yeah! Ummm what was that?” she said looking at me placed on the bench I was a little dry leaf she was a huge human. “I asked you that do you adore autumn.” I repeated my question. “Oh! Yeah I do. It’s so peaceful and beautiful don’t you think the same?” She added with a question. “Hey! Would you celebrate a situation where there are dead bodies all around?” I asked. “What?” “I mean would you stand in the middle of bodies and would you adore it all?” I again asked. “No” she said briefly and realized what I meant and so, she added “Oh! I am so sorry I didn’t mean to hurt you” “No, it’s okay. It’s a cycle we all go through it but…” I added “But?” she asked “But the point is we, leaves know we all are destined to it so we do our duties, we live our lives we make it look admirable in spring and we all know that no one would mourn the loss of us in autumn and we know that we would be back in spring so we happily accept autumns. We never cry in autumn we know spring is not far and unlike us humans… They are pathetic…” She was looking at me, she was a good listener and she didn’t speak a word, she didn’t contradict any of my words. She was a deep girl may be and here finally she spoke after a while, “Yeah! I agree human beings are pathetic unlike you we don’t accept nature’s doings, we don’t accept when things go wrong we mourn when autumn comes in our life, we forget to pay gratitude when its spring of our life and we don’t know how to be happy with whatever we have” I loved her when she acknowledged it all not all humans would acknowledge that I thought. “I like you, I wish you were a leaf” I said to her and she laughed hysterically, she looked even beautiful while laughing. “Thank you so much leafy… Would you mind if I call you that?” she asked with a smile. “No, but you don’t have to call me anything because you would be leaving soon and I would end up here in the soil” I replied. “Hey! Would you like to come with me?” she asked. “With you?” “Yeah I’d place you in my book and I’d keep you safe” she said “Sure, why not. I don’t want to be crushed under the feet of your fellow humans.” I said. “Awww you are so cute” she said and placed me in the middle of the book she was reading which I hated with the title. “By the way, your name?” I asked in a low voice as she closed the book and stood up. She didn’t listen. She later tried talking to me but I didn’t reply she used to place me back in the book. I thought I am an honorable leaf I should not talk to humans no matter how good she was. About a month later she returned the book to the librarian from where she took the book. I was in it and she completely forgot about me as I left talking. She was a different human… Nice, deep and beautiful… Such kind of humans exists but is scarce may be… I don’t even know her name… I miss her… Photo credits: Sakina Rizvi

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