Finally my favorite season, autumn, is here. I know you guys are already thinking how it can be my favorite season when all it brings is sadness and feeling of sensations to so many people. But I believe it’s different. At first I thought that maybe it’s just me and my autumn birthday that makes me feel different about fall but there are bunch of additional things that makes me excited about this season. People always get unfairly excited about the winters, but in reality autumn is where the magic happens. It has a peculiar personality of its own which is powerfully attractive. It’s such a magical yet instructive season.

The most delightful things about this season are the long peaceful nights where you can spend time with yourself that is essential, exploring yourself, thinking about your future goals and actually enjoying your own company is so necessary. The autumn nights include the cozy bonfires too. Then comes the autumn mornings, the sun becomes much bearable than summers, yet bright. When we really get down to the physical changes around us in this season, it’s all about the leaves. There is something really sad about seeing the leaves go orange and the slowly fall off but if you dig into it thoughtfully you will figure out that the nature always try to make us learn something from this whole process of fall. I’ve heard people remark on quite how curious this phenomenon is, in biological terms, given everything negative we know about ageing. I want to show you this positive side of fall, the side which comes every year to teach us that it’s not the end of the day when things detach from us. If you try and work out what the special attraction of autumn is, I think that, ultimately, you come up with seeing life with a little different perspective.

If we think about the tree the leaves are its all assets, all life savings or can say reason to live and to prosper, but they fall apart during autumn that is mid-September till October. And the tree remains silent, calmly standing straight and waits for the new leaves to come in spring. The great gift of autumn is that the beginning of the end doesn’t feel like the finish of everything, it feels like the arrival of a world of new sensations, the arrival of new leaves in new season. This phenomena always teaches me that there are things and people in all of our lives who are much important, reason to live, happiness and much more, but there are times in our lives where all we have left to do is to leave them, sometimes they do sometimes we due to what so ever reasons but this usually breaks us apart. It usually makes us much depressed much silent and lonely. We usually end up hiding ourselves in our rooms crying all the time and not meeting people, moreover every time we face this season autumn we remember our pain of detachment much more strongly which is known as autumn anxiety. But you know what? Nature already told us that it’s not the end of lives, we all will suffer from such detachments, it’s necessary and it’s good. As every sunset promise for a new dawn, every fall promise for a spring soon and every change promise for the good things coming your way. After all not everything you lose is a loss.

Rather than being emotionally collapsed in days when we are left with nothing we should hope for the new blessing of God that is coming our way. You will feel like its end but sooner or later new people will come new priorities will come just like those new leaves in spring, and believe me it will make you happy and cherished again. It’s necessary to get a little sad to be little happier. Its good to accept that life will not end by anything being apart from you and being sad about this will end up becoming the barrier towards your life goals.

So from today stop thinking like autumn spread sadness because you got a different perspective of autumn now. Remember there is ease after every hardship. Allah did not provide us with hardships to lose our self and bury our self alone in darkness, but he wants us to fight through it and help others too. After all if we will be able to stead firmly in autumn than only we can enjoy the fruits of spring.

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