Do you know someone who hears such things which nobody can’t listen or visualize such things which other eyes cannot identify? Don’t be scared, they are not possessed or neither any evil power has fallen in love with them. They are suffering from a mental illness, named as “Schizophrenia”. The coincidence and fact is that the symptoms appear just like the scenes you see in movies when an individual is cursed by something, he loses the control on himself and fails to recognize the surroundings. He starts to visualize stuff which other eyes deny to see or perceive rapid speech or jumbled words which others can’t figure out. They start living in total isolation and feel like everybody is against them, wants to kill them and many of such negative emotions.

Taking Care of Loved Ones

Due to lack of knowledge in our country many people perceive this in wrong direction and prefer to take the patients to baba or pir (faith healer) instead of professionals, this worsens the situations. They hesitate to take psychiatric help and they waste their money and energy on such fake people. Now this is high time we should take in charge of our self and loved ones and try to identify if they are acting out strange and exhibiting the weird behavior for example. If they are saying xyz follows me or wants to kill me without any proper proof. Don’t humiliate them, simply talk and try to understand their perspective and convince them politely about the actual scenario. The most important thing you can with such people is to make them feel heard and not only heard but co-operative enough to understand as well. Give them love, and make them realize their need for professional and medical help which is in no way a sin to be taken!

When You Get Diagnosed with Schizophrenia

It is natural to be worried when you find out about your illness but remember not to lose yourself in it. Reach out for help, from the people you love; friends or family and most importantly the Psychology professionals. Furthermore, stay conscious about your physical health too, .if you feel like something is not right don’t hesitate to visit your doctor. Healthy diet and exercise is necessary for a healthy body that enriches a fresh mind. Don’t stress out on it much as it can trigger the disease, talk to those people who are on the same boat like you. Although in Pakistan there isn’t any well-defined platform for such individuals but social media is full of such groups, where you can join and have some productive discussion.

Myths about Schizophrenia

There are certain misconception about the schizophrenia

  1. Hearing and visualizing unreal stuff as that is one of its symptom but it is not true in all cases.
  2. People sometimes refer to it as multiple personality disorder, however this is not true it is mainly caused by distorted or confused mindset.
  3. Another belief is that such people can’t lead a normal life, but historical evidence shows that people receiving right care at the right time can lead a normal life.
  4. It requires hospitalizations one more myth but in early stages it can be managed by medicines.
  5. People who suffer from this type of illness are always in danger is a false assumption as in many cases they may be victim of other things. In some cases aggression takes place, not necessary for schizophrenia.
  6. Individual suffering from schizophrenia do not change suddenly but signs start to appear slowly from a long time.
  7. It is not only due to genetic factors as other factors such as birth history and environment can also contribute.
  8. It is believed that it is result of bad parenting but new researches have denied all of such misconceptions.

Always remember that no matter how severe, a disease only overtakes you when you surrender to it. Or by proper care, Professional help and unconditional support of your loved ones, anything can be achieved.

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