Colors. They say every color has a meaning behind it, as if it’s a way of communication and conversation. But there are a few that make you realize how a turning point can be unpredictably candid and common but still rare in its own way. Those colors have the ability to turn and twist while switching places with each other such as the colors of autumn.

Those dried leaves weren’t just a way of mentioning how the season has changed it was also the way a person realizes that their constant was not that constant enough. It was also a faded imperfection of many imperfections that were replaceable just like those leaves that move with wind as they lose their attachment to their roots.

We humans are a lot familiar and similar in that matter. We learn to grow with our roots and branches yet when we turn into something so productively outstanding from our yesterday, we forget that we have a downfall around the corner waiting for us. It’s waiting for us to complete our time and to stop our self contended mission of arrogance and pride to take us down. To remind us that reality was still was what it seemed. Mostly people are unlucky in this way but there are those people who do find the their reality, who don’t walk with the same prideful honor and hard feet.

Those people are the most strengthened to their ground like those old and bonded trees that generations see one after another but unlike their not so mindfulness, human can change their prospective; they can change their out looks. Yet most of us don’t and rest of us realize it too late to be transfixed from this darkening hue.

Picture credits to the photographer: Sakina Rizvi.

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