Let’s do something new today let’s eliminate screens for a day. Seems exciting? Doesn’t it?

To get rid of screen addiction you have to do one simple thing ‘learn the importance of real life moments.’


Hope you find your answer in my personal real life story below.

First of all I am not portraying my own self as an angel I am also a real screen addict to an extent. I don’t like watching stuff online or on Television but I like reading, writing and chatting and it’s called addiction when we over do it and we find no way to escape it right?

Once upon a time I too used to do it but one-day last year I lost my cell phone during my lab work in University. Someone stole my brand new cell phone I did everything I could do but I didn’t get it back. I was in the hostel and I couldn’t get another phone before the weekend because I had to travel back home to put my case in front of my parents. There were two days in weekend. I spent two days without a phone. Seems like a nightmare doesn’t it?

In this era of technology you have no phone for a day or two and upon this you know your freaking laptop never connects to the hostel Wi-Fi don’t know why. So I was totally disconnected to the outside world for two days and I realized my roommate was a nice person and my friends were pretty cool and that I made real memories in those two days. So, it became a blessing in disguise.

You spend an hour on your phone say, chatting to someone, scrolling your news feed on social media, liking, commenting, replying but how many things do you remember as a good or bad memory that you did on your cell? Any extra special comment? Except for celebrities, if you ever got any, you won’t find any in your mind, any extra special like in your memory? No, there’s nothing now take a moment and think about a few good or bad real life memorable moments outside the screen and you would easily recall many memorable events.

So what retains in your memory matters the most simple is that because there would have been no past if there was no memory.

Do one thing in this life before you die, shut down your phone, laptop, or at least social media or anything you are addicted to for one or two days and just feel the difference. You would feel you are in a better, healthy and optimistic state of mind.

Before writing this article I shut down my phone for straight twenty four hours and this was second time that I was disconnected from the world since I own personal devices (since five years may be). I couldn’t do it for more than twenty-four hours because I work for a few websites and I am directly in contact with the admins, founders, and CEOs and I could not stay negligent of my duties and commitments for a long time but if you are a student only and have not much Important work to do try doing so for more than twenty four hours.

Any ways when I turned it ON again I expected I’d get tremendous messages, voice notes and other notifications and you know what happened when I turned it ON? As expected WhatsApp was ‘87 new messages’ Instagram ’20 new notifications’ and so on…

A wave delight passed through me seeing that, a wave telling me ‘you are important’ but then I checked WhatsApp there was no message of concern at all ‘where are you?’ ‘You Okay?’ etc instead more than fifty messages were from the group chat of this great magazine ‘The Meraki Magazine’ where the team of artists talks about issues and solutions and quite, fortunately, I am a part of it. This magazine calls a nobody like me artist… HONOURED… but except for the serious work talk there was nothing where I was being discussed or talked about. It doesn’t really mean that I am not important enough to be discussed but the point is world can move without me being on screen. A screen is not important, I am important… A screen is not important, you are important.

While the rest of the messages were from friends’ groups and from one or two friends personally but none was worth mentioning in terms of concern or anything. All those messages were no doubt important but any magazine can easily run without me, any site can easily work well or even better without me, any friend of mine can live a good life if I don’t show up online for days.

The point is we all must analyze the time we give to our screens. What output does it bring? I have limited it to my work and colleagues and too few really good friends with whom I don’t talk daily and who don’t really mind it and this really helps. I don’t feel much headache, frustration or anxiety. I get plenty of time for my family and studies and to manage things on the priority list.

Try this if you are a screen addict. Let’s exclude screens for a day. Let’s see what real heaven is.

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