No one knows about the ones who sip,

Brown brews to invite warmth into their cold souls

Nor do they realise,

How much comforting it is,

To taste sweet cups of nothingness..


For bittersweet memories lie,

on the shadowy doorsteps.

They say you get high on caffeine

and a sugary mix

But little do they know,

My addiction does not rely

On rickety claustrophobic cafes

Or dark damp corners of the street,

where passers-by cringe on the sight of drug addicts.


I do not need to inhale your cigarette smoke,

Or white powders of heroin.

My life is already senseless to me,

when I drink three to four cups of coffee,

In my hourly shifts.

You think you got a messed up mentality,

The voids of which can be only filled,

With cigarette butts and meth.


But let me tell you this,

I’ve tried and failed to blame my misfortunes

On mere objects.

It does not do,

To get yourself addicted,

And become so toxic.


I suggest you swell up your pride a bit,

And get your head around this;

Chemicals could get you high and numb for a while

But there’s just more to life than this.

I could tell you more about your addiction,

Without even smoking one bit

For I was in a puddle of victimising myself

All these years, in dark nooks and crannies,

Yet I still got through this.

They say,

It takes soul to live a meaningful life.

True indeed, but only if you believe.

You want to get high and die,

Why then did you not just commit suicide?


You find something in your life,

That is actually quite worthwhile!

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