She might be okay

But she is not fine at all

All these shadows are singing across all her walls

And the shatter and boom of the stereo loud

Her hands are shaking building a ground

Lost in this funny sweet clown

She’s the maniac and driven to hell she’s bound

And the words just keep slipping and teasing her tongue

Oh!  The no’s that committed her

Don’t know what they did wrong

And the light is just slipping like from her hands

That cup of milk is now coloring the sand

And the moment she twists under bedsheet on plenty

Her eyes are betwixt her is just empty

Oh lord! Do you renounce the faith of the plenty

Where room lights bedazzle and guard towers shower

On down like the raindrops of candy clean skies?

With a whisper this jester she falls and dies

Hidden in a room filled with puzzle and art

Purple blue curtain she’s alive in her ark

Savior’s always dancing and laughing like demons

Outside they are shadows covering the cretins

Oh!  Maze of coffee and stripper galore

The world has turned laughter into the dirty whore

Oh! Spinster’s on the fire on wheels of desire laughing like maniacs

Dowse them with fire

I’m fine

But alright I’ll go to the slaughter

Like cattle with prods I no longer fatter

Because this clown dies and I reemerge

A psych-o-clown jester with bitter for words.


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