Smudges of chalk and paint on her hands

Unconsciously twitching her fingers

hair  up in a knot of her dark brown curls

A pencil rested above her ear

Light spray of freckles on her nose and on top of her cheeks

Ocean blue eyes that drift in and out of a fantasy too great for words

Thick eyelashes that flutter as she thinks

Chalk and paint on her face right below her freckles on her left cheek


She’s beautiful unlike any other beauty

Her hands paint on a canvas with too many secrets

Look she may like an angel in a halo

And though know not many what her secrets are

They also have their beauties and imperfections in all

She’s like you and me

She’s like any other she

Smiles play on her lips as her fantasy unfolds


Thinking of many great things and beyond

Her mind is like any other yet not at all

Think she does of what anyone thinks

But think she does of things we cant think

She’s like any other she, like you or me

Though know not many but she’s like any other

One of a kind she may seem

But in a hurricane of people, not any special she may be

you look at a person and think they are special

You look at a person and think they are perfect

You my look at a person and think I’m never going to be like that

But remember what you must know in this journey

Nobody is special and yet everyone is

Nobody is perfect yet everyone certainly is

This is you journey and you will make your own mark

This is your journey and you will be your own you

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