Today it had rained all day, but now the clouds are gone. I noticed that while observing the night sky. There were no clouds, just the stars, shimmering, showering their lights upon us. There was no moon either, it was relatively dark. The night sky has always been my favorite, it reminds me of my childhood, the day I discovered the peace we can get by gazing at the stars. It has never disappointed me, especially because of my star that is always there, smiling down at me. While looking at the stars, I thought about the past, the good old days. There was so much light in my life, so many friends. But now, my life has become a night sky, one without a moon. There is light, lots of it, but it is all so far away. I remember my childhood, the games we used to play, the swings and the bicycle. Everything was so special. Now everything is so complicated, there are always two sides to the coin, it was never like this. There are repercussions for everything we do, heck; it’s just a lot of suffering that we are left with. Every step we take, everything we do leaves behind a scar. It is not about my devotion anymore. The more devoted I am for a thing, the more distant it gets. A bat crossed my vision with her irregular flying pattern. It reminded me of birds, the friends I had in my life. They aren’t there anymore but it’s not their fault, I realized. Back in time, I was a good sunny day, I was a garden where birds like to come and cherish their moments but it has all become dark. The garden is still there, but the birds don’t fly at night. They can’t see the garden and only the bats are left to explore the beauty. I sighed. Not because I lost something, I haven’t. I was happier than ever. I sighed because I dread the mornings as I love the dark sky. I like the night, even if it makes me feel lonely all the time. I smiled at the stars. I saw a face smiling back. I looked harder and found a new face, laughing at me. It took me a lot of time to find that friend. I kept staring at her beauty for hours. I felt so happy, so relieved. I forgot all the pain, the sufferings for a moment. She really was beautiful. That night, before going to bed, I wrote about her in my diary. I found myself a new friend. I called her Iris. I have heard somewhere that Iris meant the rainbow, a hope. She is my new hope. Her smile made me feel that there is a place, where all the sufferings can rest. She has given me a new hope. I smiled because it felt beautiful. I wasn’t the first person to discover her though. She has been there since forever. Almost everyone on this planet knows her. People are even scared of her, but many have found peace in her blossom. She is my Iris but she goes by different names and one of her most common name is death. I slept that day peacefully, thinking of her. She promised to never let go and I knew she was not lying.

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