I wore padlock
I roam intoxicated
I mourn on feast day
I yearn for mercy
I picked up death
Beside my window
A series of your coldness
Damped my enthusiasm
And let the rose touch to death
I left my desires
For those icy roses
I moulded my heart
But my silence screamed out
My eyes were burnt
When I got your betrayal
With thrill in my eyes
I listened for late flower
The rose shed tears instead of fragrance
Before death’s arrival
I heard a whisper that
Everything is altering
I wished for not to being rebel
As if I did so
You’ll be vanished from my life
A moisten life you rewarded me
was going to be diminished
But now you are my half thought
My day can never take a start
Without your in my mind
But now I learned
I learned if ever found myself in flowers
Remember the enchant of fallen leaves too
If colour of springs are fascinating
Autumn is also murderous
Whether smiling or shedding tears
Its just about watering the roses in eyes
I unlocked myself
And amazed that there was another path
Waiting for my new moisten journey
Thousands of roses tales
Welcomed me to their trespass
I absorbed their fragrance
And inhaled their enchant.


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