Sometimes, I laugh like there’s eternity,

But for one small moment,

In the blink of an eye

It all comes back,

In waves and flashes

As I take a trip down

the memory lane.

It does not help,

When I am the same soul trapped

In that body again.

So I feel like the same little girl,

With her back to the wall,

Desolate and crying for help

In a room full of darkness,

With a small window,

As an only light away.

Puddles of darkness become

Immense shadows once again,

As the black envelopes me,

In a tightening embrace.

So when I pick up my pen,

It’s like déjà vu all over again.

Because the memories come to haunt me back,

And I tremble in tremors,

Waiting for them to go away.

In those moments I feel,

As if the world has paused,

And the clock’s not ticking

Because pain and grief stretch,

In uncanny clawed grasps,

Waiting to cut my wings again.

And as I choke on my breath,

I travel several leagues in the ocean,

The depth of which I know not again.

“Welcome aboard the ship,

That takes you on a trip

Down the memory lane!”

As I once again drown myself,

For I do not know,

How to swim away

From the shadows

That always welcome my day…

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