Keeping Long Distance Relationship Alive is mostly very annoying for two love birds to bear, definitely why not! how one can remain apart from their love ones not just for minutes or hours but for days and months, which is much unpredictable now in quarantine, as many are in different regions and can’t travel due to the current quarantine situations

It is not man-made and all the very natural situation in which we have no control. Beside of quarantining ourselves, so don’t  get upset as the Guru Meraki has some tips to reassure that you guys won’t get dishearten and the charm in your relationship may sustain in every situation,

as if anyone wants to maintain a relationship they will”, just like you!  

As you are going through this article of The Meraki’s because you want to maintain and grow the glory of your love, so check out these tips;


13 tips For Keeping Long Distance Relationship Alive in Quarantine

What? Don’t be shocked. It is the greatest card you can ever have to bring charm in your relationship.

Teasing your partner with your humour will draw their attention towards you.

Even during their work, this will have a smile on their face due to your thoughts.

Teasing in a good manner through humour brings jolliness through opening the doors of closeness as teasing is very much mind-stimulating trick.

Communicate Intuitively

           Communication is definitely the main medium in this quarantine period for attaching the ones in relationships, do communicate but intuitionally nor forcedly, likewise in many relationships, it is mandatory to have morning call, day call, night call it seems to be like machinery that these are the times we have to communicate or the other will end up with the fight. // Keeping Long O Relationship Alive

Don’t be forceful in a relationship, talks should be intuitionally done as one would feel the thirst for listening to your voice or to have communication with you. This will awake the feel of need for the partner.


13 tips For Keeping Long Distance Relationship Alive in Quarantine

Discuss often! It will make understanding aspects easier in various topics.

Have some discussions apart of the family and your relationship.

Just like on politics, dramas, movies, fights, trends, talents, skills, fashion, horoscope,  environment, just anything it can be.

Remember! No One Is Perfect!

             Are you aware of term WABI SABI? According to wabi-sabi one should understand and promotes the differences between each other, it has a deep meaning, when you understand the difference and respect them, one feels more comfortable and supportive with the other.

As everyone has their traits which may seem irritating to the other but remember their traits made them what they are. Keeping Long Distance Relationship will have to be a properly planned way so that you don’t do anything to make things worse.

Giving Gap

Keeping Long Distance Relationship budding alive

Giving the gap in a relationship doesn’t work in every relationship.

It is a lot said on the internet to have a gap so others may get more attracted to you by missing you in your absence.

There are aspects likewise if you are giving gap then you have to plan for how much time period?

The other aspect is that you have to reassure that it will bring attachment neither fight, take decisions accordingly of nature.

Play Games

Its 2020, imagine this quarantine period in 1950’s, of course, these all tips won’t be applicable for that time, but luckily it’s the era of technology, play games with your partner, as there are numerous online games to play, through this you guys can have some fun and engaging time together for Keeping Long O Relationship Alive.

Call At The End Of The Day

  Calling before the day ends has a positive influence on the mind, as it grows the feeling of support and owning, but don’t make it a rule. This is the top way of Keeping Long Distance Relationship in times of being far.

Sometimes just send goodnight message, sometimes have some short calls, sometimes have video calls or maybe sleep together on call, keep doing alternations.

Be Flirtatious

Keeping Long Distance Relationship

Be flirty, have flirted with your partner doesn’t make your relationship boring or behaving like its old.

Flirt often so it will remain fresh like the first time you had been together, that sensations and smile should never go away.

Tell them how much attractive their personality and features are for you, have your own way of cherishing your partner.

Don’t Judge

Sometimes we don’t intend something but our tongue slips, don’t just make that one bad sentence or word stuck to your mind, don’t misinterpret, don’t judge too fast, if something irritated you, ask your partner again so that they may explain to you and the thing got finish on the moment.

it is very easy to misunderstand, judge or have fought in this quarantine period, so try to avoid it through remembering the love and numerous positive sentences and words of your partner which they have spoken to your earlier.

Have Understanding That Distance Is Momentary:

Think positive, understand that this quarantine period is temporary and will end up soon, so don’t get much angry, be cool and enjoy the period, as when you guys will turn back you will realize that how you have sustain your relationship even in this quarantine.


Keeping Long Distance Relationship alive

Tag each other on social media at the funny post, meme, or on any sort of post which is positive.

It will make you present at the moment in the mind of your partner without even calling.


In this quarantine many are facing financial issues, or being isolated is making them very angry due to many reasons, so support them morally, it will bring calmness to them, advise them often not regular as loads of advice bring irritation, listen to them with all your attention and calmness.

Motivate Each Other For Their Goals

This quarantine will finish shortly, make this thought awaken all the time in both of you, and have your go-to plans for your goals, having something to look after for pushes depression away.

Keeping Long Distance Relationship

You can even have goals for specifically this quarantine period, as some are doing work from home while many are free, so a lot of creativity can be done in this period.

As we all used to say that we will have plenty of time we will do this or that, so now we have, turn this to be creative with your partner, start something.

Hopefully, these tips would help in Keeping Long Distance Relationship charmingly alive in this quarantine, and you with your partner would turn this boring quarantine into creative and fun time.

//Keeping Long Distance Relationship Alive

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