It’s usually a given when we trust someone online with our previous private and personal data. From telecommunication conglomerates to mainstream social media companies, there is no end to the trust that we give to them when we hand our private and personal data to them willingly. // 115 million mobile users data was stolen in Pakistan | Yet no news

Now here comes along a new headline that there has been a cyber-security breach or hack at one of these companies. As a consequence, all the data was stolen. From personal, private as well as financial data all were now in the hands of some hackers who are willing to ransom it at a certain price. 

Awareness and Consequence 

In a country such as Pakistan,  where the awareness of these cyberattacks and cyber thefts is not that much. These happen and are at a much larger scale. 115 million mobile users’ data was stolen. It was put up for ransom on the dark web according to Rewterz a Pakistani based cybersecurity company. 

 The Ransom

They discovered it on a dark web forum where the hackers have a premium account and were selling them for a minimum 300 bitcoin or approximately 2.1 million dollars. The most alarming part is that the data is being updated as they saw it.

It is still not clear whether this was from one company or multiple or through a single data breach or multiple in a time period. 

The hackers themselves nearly organized the data into a CSV file which contains data such as name, CNIC number, addresses and NTN number just to name a few.

Denial, cover up or incompetence ?

In a closing remark, Rewterz researchers said, ”

It might be possible that these (compromised) telecoms companies have failed to disclose the data breach because they aren’t aware of the hack or have intentionally opted not to reveal it. Either ways, its concerning for customers whose information has been published.”

Remember people security is a very, very sensitive issue. Take care of your data and take charge of it. 

Be safe and be well.

// 115 million mobile users data was stolen in Pakistan | Yet no news

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