Instagram captions matter. When you have an absolutely slaying post, you need a caption that tells the story behind it. 

If you’re posting a picture of your pet cat, you aren’t just going to leave it caption-less. No. You need a whole paragraph on how your cat is your jan. // Winner Instagram Captions to use

(Cat parents can relate).

Now you’re probably thinking, “mein nay koi story waala caption nhe daala.”

It’s okay. Neither have I. But nevertheless, the importance of a good caption just cannot be overlooked. It attracts people, and therefore earns you more likes and followers.

So here I am, with a list of 10 crazy captions you can use for your Instagram posts!

I don’t give a ship

Ever have those pictures where you’re on a cruise? Or you’re totally flexing that view behind you while you sail across the sea?

Time for a ship pun!

Set your caption as I don’t give a ship with a ship emoji in front and watch only your punniest of friends understand what it means!

Trying to Catch Flights, Not Feelings

Lo and behold! The perfect Instagram caption for your upcoming vacations! 

This instagram caption is my personal favorite and fits for any picture where you’re either in an airport, or giving a glimpse of your suitcases. 

The best part? It makes you sound like a total mean girls character. Regina would be proud of that caption.

Mean Girls GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

It’s self-timer pictures season, loners

    This caption just speaks to me on a different level.

If you’re a loner this summer with only your self-timer to take pictures of you, don’t worry. FLAUNT IT.

Work It Rock The Boat Mv GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Gives you an opportunity to totally flex your self-portrait skills.

Roses are red, violets are blue,

I can’t rhyme, banana.

There’s only one thing better than a punny caption. A rhyme which everyone expected would rhyme. But, ta-da it doesn’t!

Have a picture where you’re wearing something yellow? Or maybe even a totally random picture you can’t decide the caption for? This caption is perfect.

Life goes up and down and sideways and maybe weird directions, but stuck by my side (without choice) is this one human.

This goes as the perfect caption for those best friend appreciation posts on Instagram.

Feeling appreciative of your best friend but don’t wanna get too cheesy in the caption? Go for this!

Once I stop crying and get my life on track, it’s over for all of you.

Girl Crying GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Another Instagram caption that just hits me right in my soul.

Works on literally any picture of yourself.

Here’s to [insert age] years of the world revolving around me xx

    Want that perfect birthday caption? This one’s the perfect blend of witty and badass.

So, if any of you have a birthday coming up. Here’s a little birthday present in the form of a killer caption from The Meraki to you! 

I finally went outside.

Simple, yet effective Instagram caption for those introverts who step outside every once in a while.

The only vibe I need is a positive one.

    Positive vibes everywhere! 

Positive Rainbow GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

How I’m tryna spend the rest of 2020

Have a picture of you chilling in your pyjamas or cuddling your pet? This caption is the perfect story-teller for your post!

I know the title says 10 winner instagram captions, but since you’ve made it this far; I’m going to be generous and give a few extra caption ideas!

(You’re welcome).

Hey, beaches

This is probably one of my favorite captions.

Have an Instagram post from a beach day? This caption not only lets you say a bad word, without actually saying it, but also goes for the perfect caption.

You’re welcome, brown guys and girls who have family members on their Instagrams .

Went from 0 to 100 real quickkk

   Feeling high on self love and appreciative of yourself? Don’t be shy to use this caption! 

Less depresso, more espresso

The perfect Instagram caption for cafe shots!

             I hope these captions make your Instagram posts a solid 10/10. Feel free to use them however and whenever! 

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2 months ago

i must mention, this article was an excellent read!